January 24th, 2012

Staff Notes and Photos: Burnt Out But Still Going

We were lucky enough to get into a packed house at Fitzgerald’s last Saturday for the Burnt Out show put on by the Sideshow Tramps, the Literary Greats, and Chase Hamblin.

BEST COVER: How about Prince’s “Kiss” belted out by Uncle Tic a.k.a. Geoffery Muller; accompanied by the rest of the Tramps—wash basin bass included.


The Reverend a.k.a. Craig Kinsey of the Sideshow Tramps by Paul

The best thing about non-mainstream forms of music taking on the biggest hits of the last 60 years is that the styles don’t often align. Take bluegrass act, Iron Horse for instance, they’ve done everything from Metallica to Modest Mouse and many times improved the song or at the very least played it in such a way that it was enjoyable again. A breath of life? This past weekend’s show was no different.

The Tramps, Greats, and Hamblin, with their invidual styles OWNED every one of those songs, regardless of their copyright.

— Richard


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