June 21st, 2011

Staff Notes and Photos: Concert Catch-Up

The review of the Motley Crue concert took precedence last week, so we neglected the concert at Warehouse Live on the same night (6/10/11). The Wheeler Brothers and The Bright Light Social Hour opened for Heartless Bastards, giving us everything we expected. Funk, rock, howling, bouncing, keytar(!!!), bare feet and cowboy boots. A little bit of everything for everyone.


Our intentions were to catch The Bright Light Social Hour (pictured above) one more time, but we took photos of everyone else too. We’ve also decided to invest in the royal “we” as a literary device. It’s what we do.


[The Wheeler Brothers]


[The Wheeler Brothers]


[The Bright Light Social Hour]


[The Bright Light Social Hour]


[The Bright Light Social Hour]


[The Bright Light Social Hour]


[Heartless Bastards]


[Heartless Bastards]

If you were there, we’d love to hear your thoughts on the show.

In our opinion, The Bright Light Social Hour impressed us once again, but we knew that would happen. The howling Heartless Bastards didn’t win me over with their live show, though the crowd that didn’t leave after the second opener seemed more rabid than TBLSH fans. They pressed up against the stage making Heartless Bastards nearly impossible to photograph. As far as The Wheeler Brothers are concerned, they have something special. We’re glad they’re now on our radar. We’ll be looking forward to any other Houston shows they schedule on their calendar.

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— Paul


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