May 2nd, 2011

Staff Notes and Photos: Revival Market Shrimp Salad Sandwich and YouData

We’ve been enjoying our revamped “What’d We Miss,” but we’re putting it through the ringer one more time. We’re separating out the staff photo of the week from the content of last week. It just didn’t seem right to have them all in the same post. So, let’s catch you up on some photos we didn’t have time to publish last week, along with some notes.


Photographer: Paul
Context: A first bite of the new Revival Market’s fare. A shrimp salad sandwich and house chips got me hooked on the Heights’ butcher/grocer.

Other Notes:
If you’ll notice off to the right, we’ve added some advertisements to the page recently. Yep, we’re finally going to start paying ourselves for the work that we’ve been putting into the site. And, you know what? You can start paying yourself too!

The first ad in the section will be generated by a Houston-based service called YouData. There is a catch that you’re really going to like about our partnership with them: YouData pays you (yes, you) for viewing the advertisements that will be cycling through that spot. All you have to do is sign up for a “MeFile” and you’re in business (for yourself).

We’re pretty excited about this. It means that our advertising is now in the careful, professional hands of YouData and that each advertisement will be tailored to you, the reader and owner of a MeFile. So, check it out for yourself. This is the best of all worlds. You help us to help YouData to help yourself. Blammo.

— The Loop Scoop


Alexander — Monday, May 2, 2011 4:30 pm

Why are Paul’s photos always the staff photos of the week?

More importantly can we put some labels on his shoes to teach him left and right?

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