July 19th, 2011

Staff Notes and Photos: Sorghum Beer?

Last week, I gave you a little summer beer insight. Jeff came around and gave you a little more extensive information about beers that you should be buying this season. Well, my friends, I have a beer that you shouldn’t be buying this summer or ever at all. Maybe.


Sometimes I’ll order a beer for the hell of it. “Oh, what’s that over there? Maybe I’ll try one of those.” Most of the time it pays off. Some occasions leave me with the short end of the stick. Wanting to taste a new brew on Saturday night, I ordered one of these Redbridge bottles. Thankfully the bartender didn’t give me advance warning of what I was getting myself into. I got to taste the stamp-lickiness in all its glory.

It’s a gluten-free beer. Celiac-sufferer-friendly, if you will. But I can’t get away from the fact that it tastes like you’ve been licking stamps and envelopes for a living. Oh well. Try it. I dare you. Perhaps someone out there that deals with Celiac Disease can defend Redbridge, a fermented sorghum beer, as a good alternative and a way to get a fix.

— Paul


Jeff — Tuesday, July 19, 2011 1:07 pm

And, to top it off, it’s an AB-InBev beer.

K. — Sunday, October 30, 2011 11:58 pm

I do not as a rule like beer. I have only found two beers that I really liked and would drink. One was Lone Star Bock, which I enjoyed (but never more than a half bottle – after that it stopped tasting pleasant) until they stopped making it. The other is Redbridge. I discovered I am gluten intolerant about six years ago. Fortunately, since I find beer wanting, I didn’t really miss it. But I tried Redbridge and was very pleased with the taste. I can actually pick up a bottle and drink it without having to have food with it; I could never do that with Lone Star Bock. I still rarely drink an entire bottle of beer, but I have actually finished a bottle of Redbridge on at least one occasion.

FWIW, I tried Shiner Bock and it was okay, though it triggered headaches. It wasn’t nearly as good as Lone Star Bock anyway, so it was no great loss.

The Redbridge is not only good for drinking, with or without a meal, but it is wonderful for making beer batter anything. My children are gluten intolerant as well, and it is very nice to be able to make beer batter chicken strips, onion rings, etc. for them to enjoy.

My husband does like beer, and especially enjoys dark beers. He also likes trying new beers. He also finds Redbridge to be quite good, though he still prefers really dark beers.

What a great thing it is to have a gluten-free beer that actually has a superior flavor.

As for folks who do not have to have a gluten-free beer, if they like Redbridge that is wonderful. If they don’t, they have a plethora of choices available to them, so everyone can find a beer that is just right. Thanks to Anhauser-Busch, the gluten-free folks have a quality beer available to them, as well.

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