April 25th, 2011

Staff Notes and Photos: The Concerts We Missed

We’ve been enjoying our revamped “What’d We Miss,” but we’re putting it through the ringer one more time. We’re separating out the staff photo of the week from the content of last week. It just didn’t seem right to have them all in the same post. So, let’s catch you up on some photos we didn’t have time to publish last week, along with some notes.


Photographer: Alexander
Context: The Toadies rocked Warehouse Live to it’s core last weekend.


Photographer: Alexander
Context: The singles that were staples of 90s radio got their due on stage along with the rest of the catalog of wouldbe hits.


Photographer: Paul
Context: In between sets for the Trey Brown and Mission Dorado CD release party, I took my southern rock loving self downstairs to experience something truly out of my wheelhouse: heavy metal.


Photographer: Paul
Context: Eagle Claw, the Austin heavy metal band took over the lower venue of Fitzgerald’s.


Photographer: Nobody!
Writer: Sarah
Context: Fitz and the Tantrums at House of Blues

Growing up, Motown classics reigned supreme as THE soundtrack to my family’s road trips. Popping rolls of Lifesavers in the “back back” of our Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme station wagon, I sang along to the soulful hand clap-y or slow dance-y tunes our tape player crooned. I’ve been hooked since. So when I found out Fitz and the Tantrums were bringing their funky, retro, Motown-esque party to town, I knew I had to go. We arrived to the House of Blues Bronze Peacock Room right as the band’s opener, April Smith and the Last Picture Show, were finishing up. They had a fun cabaret-ish sound, and I immediately found myself clapping along. The crowd was interesting; right as the Fitz and the Tantrums were coming on I ran into my dentist. I love a good melting pot crowd and this felt like no exception – my dancing dentist, teenagers, tipsy moms, hipsters, etc. were all digging the tunes and calling/responding on demand. Michael Fitzpatrick, the lead singer, reminded me of a cross between David Bowie and Tony Hawk (note: This is a compliment) and Noelle Scaggs is a smokeshow (hello triceps). They both have indefatigable energy – not to mention chemistry. They danced, jumped, tambourined, clapped, and led us through their hits, including “Breaking the Chains of Love,” “Winds of Change,” “L.O.V.”, “Dear Mr. President,” and the slower “Tighter” – for which he asked for some “wet reverb”. Their encore included my personal favorite, “We Don’t Need Love Songs,” (that organ. Oh, that organ) and ended with the crowd-pleasing “Moneygrabber,” in which the entire room hunched down on the floor and then erupted. Named as the “VH1 Artist to Watch” for April, the guitar-less band put on a show that left everyone smiling and maybe even a tad sweaty.

[More photos of The Toadies in Alexander's flickr photo set]
[More photos of Eagle Claw on The Loop Scoop's flickr photo set]

— The Loop Scoop


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