April 20th, 2011

Stoney McDougal: Not Just for Concert Reviews Anymore

Curious about Stoney McGee’s plans when not contributing to concert reviews? What, you thought I made him up? No way. Stoney McDougal lives on. You might even know him. In fact, we’re pretty sure you do know him.

His 4/20 agenda:

9:00 – Wake and bake.

9:15 – Fall asleep watching “Sponge Bob Square Pants.”

10:00 – Wake and bake.

10:15 – Nap.

10:35 – Jolted awake by Dora the Explorer and her monkey “friend.”

10:45 – Load bowl to chill out. Add water to milk carton to make enough milk for Cap’n Crunch.

11:00 – Turn on “Price is Right.”

11:05 – Debate roommate: “Drew Carey vs. Bob Barker – Who’s better?” for 529th time.

11:10 – Lose remote.

11:15 – Lose pipe.

11:20 – Business idea: universal remote/bong combo.

11:30 – Look for suitable apple or can.

11:35 – Fashion gravity bong vaporizer out of two liter bottle of coke, a hairdryer and the toilet tank.

11:57 – Beat roommate in showcase showdown. Celebratory smoke.


12:00 – Victory lunch at Star Pizza buffet (skip salad bar), make lemonade out of lemons, water, sugar.

1:00 – Catalina’s: pick-up morning coffee and rolling papers.


1:15 – Back to apartment for coffee and a cig… and a smoke.

1:30 – Nap.

2:15 – Roll and burn.

2:20 – Weather question turns into conversation about why the sky is blue and whether “your blue is *my* blue and maybe we all have the same favorite color but just perceive that color differently.” Neighbor stops by and drops a few quantum physics/string theory references he picked up on Oprah.

2:35 – While working out the chord progression to “Pass the Dutchie,” form jam band with roommate and neighbor.

2:47 – Band breaks up over creative differences, i.e. who is a bigger influence: Jack Johnson or Bob Schneider. Ben Harper, obviously.

2:55 – Hookup from last night stumbles out of bedroom; she finds pipe and loads.

3:00 – Responding to occupational query, share business plan. Model essentially: guns down, drugs up. Motto: one big score and we’re out.


3:15 – Head out to pseudo-love-in/definite-smoke-out at Menil Park.

3:30 – Discussion about the Indica Olympics on Earth Day. Best event — The Kush Pentathlon (events: disc golf, hackey sack, stick juggling, ultimate, and longest huck (bike or skateboard) while avoiding security/police).

3:45 – Nap.

4:15 – Cheetos. With peanut butter dip.

4:30 – Burn.

4:45 – Nap.

5:25 – Pick-up late morning coffee.

6:30 – Liberty Station.

8:00 – Robert Ellis and the Boys @ Fitz.

11:30 – Taco Bell.

— Alexander


J.R. Cohen — Wednesday, April 20, 2011 5:32 pm

Instead of Taco Bell there are a couple of new local Tex-Mex places that are open late. #SLGT

Paul — Thursday, April 21, 2011 11:19 am

Stoney tried to get into El Real, but they requested to valet his fixie and he would have none of that.

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