March 23rd, 2011

Street Art of the Week: Quasar’s Madeline

Last week we got berated for putting some photos up of Space Invader work in Paris. If a Houston photographer goes to Paris, does that mean it’s completely unrelated to Houston? I guess the answer is “yes” to that question.

Well, we’re flipping the script today. How about a piece of Houston street art that most definitely is a throwback to Paris? Quasars work is reminiscent of Madeline, the precocious Parisian schoolgirl.

The piece has met it’s demise. Here it will live on.


Location: Heights
Artist: Quasar
Photographer: PVizzy

— The Loop Scoop


pissed — Sunday, March 27, 2011 4:14 pm

Maybe this can answer your question for you:
Somebody is on probation in the U.S. and travels to Amsterdam; consumes cannabis IN amsterdam, in a designated coffee shop, and returns back to the U.S. After the persons’ return, they are given a drug analysis by their probation officer. They test posted for cannabis, but it is the same cannabis that was consumed LEGALLY in amsterdam: did they break the law? violate their probation? the answer (and i dont “guess” this) is YES YES YES.
I don’t give a shit if SPACE INVADER was in Paris, Texas. That is not Houston, now is it? And please tell me to look at your Flickr group like you did that other person, and i will tell you that there is PLENTY of new shit to use from (guess where?) HOUSTON, THIS week on YOUR flickr page. you sir, are slipping, and you need to take accountability for your laziness, or take the advice of that guy who told you to shut down this sorry excuse of a page called “Street Art of The Week”

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