November 12th, 2009

Shoeshine Charley’s Big Top Lounge: A Circus On Main St., No Clowns To Be Found

In 6 Words: Red, Dark, ELVIS, Objects, Circus, Uncomplicated

With Friday night tossed upon me again as a welcome ball to balance and my hunger quelled, (thanks to Barnaby’s) the time comes for a decision on the evening’s fun. The Big Top, has been presented to me before, but I, for one reason or another, have shaken it of like a persistent cotton candy vendor’s spiel. Perhaps it’s an aversion to the circus theme? Whatever the case, I conclude that tonight will be spent at the carnival. I pull up directions and inform my wife and friends of our destination without any further elaboration. It’s been my experience that the best “dive bar”, much like a great live show, never requires any fancy advertisement or cleverly written commercials. The appeal transcends those mediums and can only be captured by a first-hand account of a satisfied patron.

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— Richard

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