April 18th, 2012

NEWScoop: Evolutionary Backslide, Forward Movement, Food Cart Propulsion, Chicken Momentum and Texans Advance

Proof that the Evolutionary Process has Stalled
An individual, called Verna McClain, shot and killed Kala Golden, a new mother of three days at a pediatric clinic in the Woodlands. The theory this early in the investigation is that the suspect murdered Golden and stole her newborn baby instead of seeking an adoption. This is despicable. Visit KHOU for more.

Every Bit Counts
And as I was prepared to brood my morning away over the tragedy above, I come across this story, Allen Girl Donates Tooth Fairy Money to Help Tornado Victims. For every wrong, there is a right. In this case the impact of the former greatly outweighs the intentions of the latter. It’s a small gesture, but even a tiny step in the right direction distances further from the vile. Visit KHOU for more.


Houston Man Wrestles Stilwell Angel to the Ground
Another passenger on another plane went goofy, this time commandeering the food and beverage cart. His short-lived reign on U.S. Airways Flight No. 500 ended when he led a charge at the flight attendant. Another passenger intervened and Stilwell was subdued. The FBI later escorted him from the plane. Visit TheChron for more.

Crashed Through the Doors of HISD with a Chicken in Hand!
Parents are becoming frustrated with the alleged unethical practices being enacted by HISD as it relates to hiring less than reputable contractors when building new education sites. What do you mean less than reputable? Contractors known for low wages, undocumented pay, wage theft and exploitation of non-citizenship. Visit MyFoxHouston for more.

Houston Texans 2012 Schedule
Look at that; that’s five nationally televised games. It’s also a chance to catch the home team come Thanksgiving Day. Yes sir or ma’m, this is one year you won’t be forced to root for America’s team. Looks to be a good season. Visit MyFoxHouston for more.

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