September 29th, 2010

Christopher P. Turner: An Interview with the Artist

Three years after his grandmother died of cancer in 2006, Christopher Turner’s fiancĂ©e gave him a gift of three painting canvases. They sat in a corner of his home for months. Growing up, football had been his passion like nearly every other kid in Baton Rouge, LA, but painting had been his comfort, his escape.

In 2009, at the age of 26, Turner hadn’t picked up a brush in nearly four years. He had spent the time driving trucks across the country, making a living and seeing the all-American sites, but at the same time, he was on the run. When he finally blew the dust from the canvases, he realized that the gift was more than just cotton fabric stretched over a frame of plywood. The canvases were a second chance.

I recently had the privilege to chat with Christopher. We talked about music, art and culture, but most importantly, we struck a mutual understanding that sometimes you have to leave the house to find your ticket home.

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— Tea Jones

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