November 23rd, 2011

Thanksgiving Special: We’re Damn Thankful for Houston

As we near the last Thursday of this month of November, we’re once again overwhelmed with all that this city offers. The hidden, the grandiose, the cool, the absurd, the odd, the comfortable, the innovative, the creative, and more, all bursting the city’s seams while somehow thriving, quietly hidden from the rest of the world.

We don’t wear our strengths or eccentricities on our sleeve. We go along, much as we always have; comfortably living under this nonsensical Houston enchantment. Never dull, even in the mundane. Thanks, Houston.

We’re thankful for:
…Two football programs with winning records. The Houston Texans and University of Houston Cougars, 7-3 and 11-0, respectively, continue making history in 2011. The Texans sit atop the AFC South in the #1 spot, awaiting a date with Jacksonville. The Cougars, meanwhile are perched atop Conference USA, clinging to a #8 ranking in the latest BCS polls as they prepare for Tulsa. Excitement for Houston pigskin hasn’t been this high since the early 90’s with Warren Moon and David Klingler.

We’re thankful for:
…All the fantastic contributors we’ve had the pleasure of publishing. Without their volunteered contributions, The Loop Scoop would be nothing more than a quirky domain name. Thank you to Kerri, Zach, Stacy, Jesse, Sarah, Alexander, Abby, Jordan and Tea.

And for consistency’s sake we’re again thankful for…
…Mild weather in November. As much as we bitch, it’s all right. For all of the Northerners cursing our little desert paradise, as it’s become, now in this drought—we’ll be laughing from our park picnic in daisy dukes and spandex tops come Christmas Eve.


We’re thankful for:
…Specialty markets: Kraftsmen Bakery, Relish Fine Foods, the new Phoenicia Foods in Downtown, and Revival Market to name a few. Locally grown, fresh diverse sustenance is an incredible thing in such a densely populated area. And better yet, with roughly four million or so Houstonians, you’d think a friendly personal experience a rare thing, that’s just not the case.

We’re thankful for:
…The rebirth of Fitzgerald’s as a prominent live music venue. It had been nearly ten years since we had set foot in the decaying concert hall, before this year. Now we’re there almost once a week, seeing a quality band that we can’t pass up. Not only that, but Fitz throws in local bands as openers any chance they get for some of the major groups that roll through town. We bet they’re thankful for that as well.

We’re thankful for:
…The summer of 2011 heat and drought. You sure did give us something to complain about, mutha f*cka. Now please go away and never come back. We’re serious. Our water table needs to return to a respectable level so that Houstonanians can over-water their lawns again.

We’re thankful for:
…The Washington, Westheimer and White Oak booms. Even during the recession, these three streets have boomed with new places to eat, shop and drink. Decaying buildings and business failures are being transformed into a new, burgeoning economy. Each rebirth continues to instill a sense of pride in the neighborhood in which it happens. We like nothing better than some friendly, neighborhood competition… Scratch that, we like having these unique spots to entertain ourselves even more than that.

We’re thankful for:
…Our day jobs. Even though we hate you most days.

And yeah, we’re still thankful for:
That really, really, really creepy picture of a little girl in a sailor costume petting the turkey she’s about to eat. Wow. Ten bucks says she killed that bird all on her own. She’s got the look of a cold blooded killer, I’m telling you.

— The Loop Scoop


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