December 16th, 2011

The Bryan Miller Gallery: Soft Math

With Christmas approaching quickly, I’m on a fast pace to view as many Art exhibitions as possible. “Soft Math” presented by the Bryan Miller Gallery has an eclectic mixture of Art on display. The Gallery is one of the nicest buildings to see an exhibition in. The space doesn’t overpower the art and each piece seems to shine on its particular wall. I found Sarah Cain’s work to be the most intriguing. She has a great sense of color, tone, and temperature to her work. These pieces seem to sing to the viewer. Her color constructions are remarkable, regardless of size. Some are part collage, part painting but all explore rhythm, pattern, and line through a very creative process.

[Pretty Soon You're Ululating (Courtesy David Aylsworth)]
[Adder (Courtesy Rachel Beach)]
[Pool Party Acid Splash (Courtesy Sarah Cain)]

“Palm of Gold” is a multicolor image of a left hand surrounded by musical notes and a variety of colorful clouds and mountains. The Artwork seems to be layered on a music sheet that introduces a beautiful sense of harmony. Cain’s oversize “Untitled 2011″ is very impressive. Once you confront the piece up close you can see how meticulous the artist is in terms of decision making. Using a variety of mediums she builds the surface to construct her own visual language. “Untitled” has an explosion of lines, color, and shapes being dissected every which way. I love geometry and this piece definitely defines the word.

[Third Base (Courtesy Leigh Ruple)]

Rachel Beach, The sculptor of the group has only two pieces in the show, both of which made me crave more. “Adder” feels like a 3D puzzle piece. I’m not sure if it’s a fragment to a larger work, but I love its configuration and only wish it were bigger. “Yoke” has a unique construction that reminds me of Neo-shelving. Under four feet and dominated by yellow, this sculpture is compressed and less fluid. Both sculptures work great in the gallery, attracting attention through a silent pose.

[Pretty Soon You're Ululating (Courtesy David Aylsworth)]
[Yoke (Courtesy Rachel Beach)]
[Whole (Courtesy Leigh Ruple)]

Mega Painter, David Aylsworth brings some attributes of Kazimir Malevich to his painting. The works present at the Bryan Miller Gallery are smaller in scale from his last show at Glassell, a couple of months ago. There is an intense color application combined with segmented shapes that unify his compositions. Aylsworth paints gracefully, hitting all areas of the canvas and bringing a pleasing effect to the eyes. His subtractive palette creates a system of placement and non-placement. His painting “Pretty Soon You’re Ululating” has enough punch to keep you guessing. I think you could turn the painting upside down and it would still be very balanced, a sign of a good painter.

Soft Math is a great group exhibition that uncovers different artists’ practices, philosophies and techniques. I love art that is sincere and imaginative. Parking might be a little tough but it’s worth it.

The exhibition, “Soft Math”
On view from now until December 17, 2011 (Tomorrow)
The Bryan Miller Gallery, 3907 Main Street Houston, Texas 77007.
Ph: 713-523-2875

Submitted by Jesse Kantu

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