June 23rd, 2010

The First Sip: I Am a Craft Brewer

The First Sip is a virtual beer flight written by Brian Royo, the brewer out at No Label Brewing Company. He will select a beer style, pick a few craft or micro brews that he’s been sampling, and discuss what he likes about them. For the beer connoisseurs, it’ll be a unique chance to hear a local brewer’s thoughts on what makes these beers great. For the novices and aspiring beer knurds, he’ll walk you through what you should be looking for in a good beer and offer some suggestions on quality suds for you palette.

Giddy about the coming Austin Beer Festival, Brian left us with this video today. This production was put together by the CEO of Stone Brewing which happens to make one of my favorite IPAs. That reason alone is justification enough for me to publish. It comes from Greg Koch’s keynote address at the 2009 Craft Brewers Conference.

A couple of notes that I took away from the video being the beer layman -  more like “lame man,” am I right? – that I am: (1) These brewers are correct; I don’t want rice or corn in my beer, (2) The beer I want to drink shouldn’t be lowest common denominator, (3) A little over 100 years ago there were 3,000 breweries? I want to live back then.

If this video doesn’t inspire some craft brewery support, I’m not sure what will.

Support your local brewery, indeed.

I know I promised an article about Texas Wheat beers but I saw this video and had to share it with everyone.  This video shows the passion that craft brewers have about their beer.  These beers represent the heart and souls of the individuals creating them.  You cannot and will not get the same passion from the big beer companies.  We are not in the business solely to make money but to create and deliver unique, flavorful, quality beers for everyone to enjoy.  We are here to break the mold and to change the way beer is perceived.  This is an awesome video and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

This weekend I will be attending the Great Austin Beer Festival.  Next article will be on that and some of the Austin beers.

Support your Texas Craft Breweries.


Brian Royo

No Label Brewing Co.

— Paul


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