January 27th, 2011

The Look Ahead: 1.27.10: Free Press with Bun B and Others at Fitz, Tango and Dark Films

We’re dissolving two of our favorite columns, Your Regular Scoop of Houston and Procrastinator’s Plan, and giving them a new look this year. Gone is the single serving of events in Houston. Here is a five-times-a-week battery of things to do. We will publish a few events every morning. If we’ve missed something let us know with an email to contact@theloopscoop.com or tweet at us @TheLoopScoop.


8 Year Anniversary of Free Press Houston

Where: Fitzgerald’s [2606 White Oak]
When: Saturday, January 29th at 7:00PM
How much: Tickets: $10 in advance, day of show are $12 for over 21, and $15 for under 21
Scoop’d from: Indie Houston

Free Press Houston kicks off their 8th year in existence with a pretty righteous lineup. Bun B, Grandfather Child, Propain G, Roky Moon and Bolt, Giant Princess, Thundercunt, Fat Tony, Courier, e Success, B L A C K I E, Robert Ellis, The Energy, and Simple Success will all be kicking the shit out of Fitzgerald’s for this momentous occasion. Don’t miss it.

Tango Buenos Aires—Fire and Passion of Tango

Where: Jones Hall [615 Louisiana St. #101]
When: January 29th, Saturday, 2:00PM & 8:00PM
How much: $24 to $54 (2:00PM), $24 to $54 (8:00PM)
Scoop’d from: Society for the Performing Arts Houston

We brought you Giuseppe Verdi’s Don Carlo yesterday, so once again the in spirit of mixing it up—we present the Fire and Passion of Tango. Argentina’s got a few things going for it, one being the highest literacy rate in South America, and two—the Tango. The latter you can experience right here in Houston this weekend. I recommend the trip downtown.

Dark Frames: Animations From Devious and Daring Places

Where: Barnevelder Movement Complex [2201 Preston]
When: Friday, January 28, 7:30PM
How much: $7 for Non-members, Aurora Picture Show Members RSVP
Scoop’d from: The Aurora Picture Show

This promises to be an exciting if not dreary series of short films. You can expect Troy Morgan’s Dragon, Salise Hughes’ Tidal Wave, Jen Sachs’ The Velvet Tigress, Martha Colburn’s Myth Labs, Carson Mell’s Field Notes from Dimension X, Davy Jones’ Wild Blood, David OReilly’s Please Say Something, Lilli Carré’s How She Slept At Night, Brent Green’s Weird Carolers, Audrey Lam’s Underground, and Cosmo Segurson’s Sincerely Yours.

— The Loop Scoop


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