September 20th, 2011

The Look Ahead: 5% Donated, 100% Poetic, 6th on the List and Literary Great

Tuesday? Feels like all the other days, doesn’t it. What we need is a vacation from life right now. Maybe we can find a way to take our minds off all this nonsense. Let’s take a peek at what we’ve found for such a lofty goal.


5% of All Purchases at Houston Whole Foods Locations Donated

Where: Whole Foods Houston Locations [Find One Near You!]
When: All Day — Tuesday, September 20th
How much: 5% of Your Purchases
Scoop’d from: @UrbanHarvest

Urban Harvest has partnered with Whole Foods Market and Whole Kids Foundation in order to raise money for school gardens. Please support this effort by shopping at any Houston area Whole Foods Market on Tuesday, September 20th. 5% of each purchase will be divided between Urban Harvest and Whole Kids Foundation. Stop by for guilt free shopping.” — Facebook


Everyone’s a Poet at The Jung Center

Where: Museum District [5200 Montrose Blvd., 77006]
When: Tuesdays, September 20th and 27th | 5:45PM to 7:15PM
How much: $20 General Admission or $15 Jung Members
Scoop’d from: @JungHouston

“Our lives are filled with poetry, and yet we often fail to recognize it. Metaphor is everywhere from the Ford Mustang to the Hyundai Sonata. We will investigate the origins of poetry and how its very ubiquity obscures its presence.

Lecture one will examine evidence from neurobiology and evolutionary biology, which places the origins of poetry deep within the mammalian brain and our evolutionary past. The archeological record and our oldest written texts suggest poetry has been with us for at least fifty thousand years. Poetry is seen as an essential human activity.

Lecture two will examine the evidence that the collective unconscious, as Jung conjectured, is anchored in our primate past. Inborn needs for the mother, the shock of separation, and the hero/wanderer are examples of how archetypal processes stem from biology and are expressed unconsciously in our poetry.

These lectures are designed for a general audience and will use non-technical language.”


Make Me or Break Me by Kyle Park — Out Today

Where: Online
When: Tuesday, September 20th
How much: $9.99 on iTunes
Scoop’d from: @Kyle_Park

“MAKE OR BREAK ME hit stores just hours ago, and it’s already #6 on iTunes top country albums! Download your copy now if you haven’t yet! #fb” – @Kyle_Park

Park is one of Stephan’s favorites, so of course we need to make mention of the new album released today. Plus, it already made it to #6 on the charts? Not that he/we were counting…

Literary Greats w/ Brent Nettles at Continental Club

Where: The Continental Club – The Fourth Ward [3700 Main St., 77002]
When: Saturday, September 24th | Doors at 8:00PM
How much: Free?
Scoop’d from: @LiteraryGreats

The last time we saw Literary Greats, they were in the middle of releasing their newest album. A few months later, catch them one more time in the same spot: Continental Club. We’re not sure how much this show will cost you, but there’s a good bet it will be free because CC hasn’t put up the “buy tickets” option on their site yet. Good luck.

— Paul


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