June 24th, 2011

The Look Ahead: Brent Nettles, The Rocketboys, Bats on the Bridge, Ozeal, Grizzly, Crazy Ivans, and Mikey Gilley

Weekend events are finally here. We’ve snuck them in amongst the other Look Aheads for the last four days. Now they get their very own post. ‘Bout time too, they would NOT LEAVE US ALONE, always whining in the back the seat. Finally we had to pull the tractor over and let them eat their Strawberry Twizzlers. Who says spoiling leads to poor behavior. After this weekend—we’ll see.


Finnegan, Brent Nettles, The Rocketboys, and Castle Lights at Fitzgerald’s

Where: Fitzgerald’s – The Heights [2706 White Oak Dr., 77007]
When: Friday, June 24th | Show kicks off at 8:00PM
How much: $8
Scoop’d from: @iheartfinnegan

Dang! There’s some good music at Fitz tonight. With a reasonably diverse mix of quality musicians like these, the eight buckerunis you’re charged for entry, might just be a rip-off in your favor.

Waugh Bridge Bat Colony Pontoon Boat Tour

Where: Downtown – Sabine Prominade - Closest to – [The Lee and Joe Jamail Skatepark Houston]
When: Friday, June 24th | Tour begins 45 minutes before dusk, I’d say 7:30PM
How much: $35 per adult; $25 per child (ages 4-12) no children under 4
Scoop’d from: Buffalo Bayou Partnership

Everyone’s heard of the Congress Avenue Bat Bridge in Austin—rumor has it, the mass take-off of bats from the Waugh Bridge is even more spectacular because you’re able to get much closer. Get there early if you can, they only offer 21 seats.

[If you're wondering why the name on that video, Jeremy Keas, looks familiar—why it's because he's contributed a time or two to this here site. Thank you, Jeremy.]

MobleyOzeal, and Grizzly at The Continental Club

Where: The Continental Club – The Fourth Ward [3700 Main St., 77002]
When: Saturday, June 25th | Show kicks off at 9:00PM
How much: Free?
Scoop’d from: Paul

Paul caught Mobley back at the Spring Forward Music Festival and went on and on about them for nearly a month. The rest of us at the office gave him the cold shoulder, “Yeah, just another indie rock band lost in mediocrity?” Well, shame on us. Mobley’s got it. As for Ozeal and Grizzly, they’re pretty damn good, as well. Take a chance.

Southern Backtones w/ Crazy Ivans at Rudyard’s British Pub

Where: Montrose [2010 Waugh Dr., 77006]
When: Saturday, June 25th | 10:00PM
How much: Let’s call it $10… Maybe
Scoop’d from: Our Concert Calendar

The above video is the trailer for Honky Tonk Blood, the movie that features Hank Schyma of Southern Backtones. If you can’t make it on Saturday night, keep your 6/29/11 Wednesday night free. The Backtones will be at it once again at Under the Volcano. They’re “can’t miss” dates with a little leeway to miss one. Perfect.


Mickey Gilley and Johnny Lee and the Cody Rosier Band at Billy’s Hall

Where: Pearland [4070 Wells Dr., Pearland, TX 77584]
When: Saturday, June 25th | Doors at 5:00 PM
How much: $35 at the gate
Scoop’d from: ???

I’m not sure how I came across this calendar item, but I’m sure glad I did. It’s going to be an outdoor gitdown this weekend in Pearland at Billy’s Hall. Mickey Gilley and Johnny Lee being supported by the Cody Rosier Band. Don’t bring your pets, but bring lawnchairs and whatever you plan on drinking. This affair is BYOB.

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Jessica — Friday, June 24, 2011 1:37 pm

Ozeal playing at continental club???? Holy crap I’m so there!!!!!!!!

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