December 7th, 2011

The Look Ahead: CC for the CTC at B, MMJ at VMT, GW at HL, CCC at the WVS, and BoH at F’s

Wednesday is turning out to be A.O.K. Having found this little sack of happs around town has made it slightly better. Houston has once again given us presents in offering an endless bunch of to-dos.

Cultured Cocktails with Classical Theatre Company at Boheme

Where: Montrose [307 Fairview, 77006]
When: Thursday, December 8th | 5:00PM to 10:00PM
How much: Free
Scoop’d from: Facebook

Join Cultured Cocktails for food, drinks, and general shenanigans. A portion of all proceeds from the night will benefit Classical Theatre Company.

My Morning Jacket, Put it on, it’s cold

Where: Downtown – Verizon Wireless Theater [520 Texas Ave., 77002]
When: Thursday, December 8th | 7:30PM
How much: $13.54 to $53.04
Scoop’d from: Paul

You’re probably familiar with their music. If not, there’s a video just above. At this point, you’ve more than likely already made the decision to head to the show. However, just in case there’s a few undecideds out there, and there are, otherwise we wouldn’t have a year’s worth of presidential campaigns; I’ve added this item to the list. Also, it’s a favor to Paul.

Heights Live! with Graham Wilkinson

Where: Heights Presbyterian ChurchHeights Live [240 W. 18th St., 77008]
When: Friday, December 9th | Doors open at 7:30PM, Show starts at 8:00PM
How much: $12.00 at the door
Scoop’d from: Facebook

With twelve bucks admission to a small venue, the quality of music in that video, and more than a few positive recommendations; I can’t see why anyone’d miss this. If I can convince the wife, I’m there.


Claws. Claus. Clause. An Art Happening by Tra` Slaughter

Where: Museum District – War’Hous Visual Studios [4715 Main St., 77004]
When: Saturday, December 11th | 6:00PM to 10:00PM
How much: $10 will get you the fine art exhibit and the open bar | $20 will get you the fine art exhibit, the open bar, Bat City Bombshells, and the play, Claus. Claws. Clause.
Scoop’d from: Facebook

Claws. Claus. Clause. An Art Happening by Tra` Slaughter, will feature over 40 artists from in and around Houston. All exhibited work will fall in a range from small, intricate fine art to large-scale, indoor and outdoor installation projects, all themed on the words “Claws, Claus, Clause” In addition to the fine art exhibit, the happening will also feature a staged performance piece written and directed by Tra` Slaughter, Sean McWilliams and Dom Bam. This play makes Santa REAL. There’s no jolly incorruptibly pure fat man in a red suit. With nudity, profanity and simulated drug use, it’s a safe bet this’ll get interesting.

Don’t forget the Bat City Bombshells, a burlesque troupe from Austin, Texas, either. They’ll be performing an assortment of holiday themed tunes.

Don’t bring kids.

An Evening With…the Band Of Heathens at Fitzgerald’s

Where: The Heights - Fitzgerald’s – Upstairs [2706 White Oak Dr., 77007]
When: Wednesday, December 28th | Doors at 8:00PM
How much: $14.00 now or $16.00 the day of the show
Scoop’d from: Facebook

“We’re just making it up as we go along. I mean we don’t follow a script, we’re not good actors and we don’t take our cues well. We all agree it’s important to honestly represent the idea of what we are putting forth. As a band, we are in a position to actualize where we’re going because there is no label and there are no rules. It’s been an exhilarating ride.” —Ed Jurdi. “

— The Loop Scoop


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