September 8th, 2011

The Look Ahead: Game Night

The lockout is long over. The season is just a few hours away. What’s it gonna be? Are you watching at home or is it a roadie? Taking your team to the bar to sit in with other like-minded fans for the first game of the season? Sounds like a good idea.

If you haven’t picked a destination, we can try our hand at it. We’re pitching places with food we can get behind and ever-flowing taps of brew.

Christian’s Tailgate

This spot needs no introduction, even though it’s the newbie on the block (at least in the Heights). Get a one-pound burger and watch Mark Ingram pound his first touchdown as a rookie. Sounds mighty nice. Plus, numerous locations to choose from.
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Pub Fiction

There’s a bit of a love/hate phenomenon when it comes to this Midtown spot. They definitely have a little something for everyone. Plenty of TVs. Long bars. Food for your eating pleasure. Take a chance on an old favorite.
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Stag’s Head Pub

One of Richard’s favorite spots, even if football wasn’t afoot. They always attract a crowd on gameday. Some of the TVs can be classified as antiques, but at least there’s always one just an eyestrain away.
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Brian O’Neils

We know that back in your college days you couldn’t wait to turn 21 just so you could join your more mature friends on the Village drinking scene. That wasn’t just me, right? Well, see and be seen tonight.
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Cedar Creek

Most of you already know if you’ll be heading to CC tonight or not. They’ve been going strong in the not-Heights for quite a while now, and with Football-time sticking it’s toe in the water they’ll just be attracting more patrons.
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Grand Prize

Too hipster? Think again. Nobody’s above enjoying a game of pigskin especially when it’s the two previous Super Bowl champs squaring off. There will be a TV showcasing the game, no doubt. Plus the kitchen should be turning out some grub tonight.
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Blue Moose Lodge

Have we forgotten about this place already? I don’t know, ask Marc. This might be just the spot on Washington for you tonight. Maybe you’ll get a seat and be able to get an order of Schweddy Moose Balls for yourself.
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— Paul


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