November 28th, 2011

The Look Ahead: Groupon Santa, Ice Skating, Sun and Flat, and the Foamraister

I trust you had a relaxing few days. Even with the onslaught of all things family, you were free of work for a time. That’s a win. As if answering to our manmade calendar with the days nearing December, the weather has chilled our patch of rock in fine fashion. Thank you, Northern winds.


Groupon Deal: “Santa’s Magic Timepiece” presented by UpStage Theatre at Lambert Hall

Where: The Heights – Lambert Hall [1703 Heights Blvd., 77008]
When: Monday, November 28th | You have until tomorrow night to purchase these tickets
How much: $20, that’s a 50% discount
Scoop’d from: Paul

In its annual holiday show, the nonprofit, all-volunteer UpStage Theatre delights every age with a fantastical North Pole tale penned by the company’s artistic director. From general admission seating inside the historic and intimate 300-capacity Lambert Hall, audiences cling to the edges of their sleigh seats as the tinseled drama unfolds. Miss Berry, Santa’s head of Toy Central, is responsible for the productivity of her team of elves, who are trying to crank toys out on pace for all the world’s good little boys, girls, and amoebas. Amid good-natured mischief set to an original score and lyrics, Santa’s solution to his time dilemma may be in the inventive hands of his beautiful granddaughter Joy and her shy elven friend Tink. After the show, Santa and his bodyguards pose for a free photo with audience members, who will be emailed their pic.


Skating Stars at Discovery Green

Where: Downtown – Discovery Green [1500 McKinney, 77010]
When: Monday, November 28th | 6:00PM
How much: Free
Scoop’d from: Do713

Head out to The Ice and catch figure skaters, coaches, precision teams and ice show performers as they do what they do best. This cold front that’s just come in should have you wanting the frozen stuff even more. Suddenly the Ice at Discovery Green (Houston) seems less fish out of water.


DJ Sun at the Flat

Where: The Flat [1701 Commonwealth St., 77006]
When: Monday, November 27th | 9:00PM
How much: FREE. Do be a good chap/lady and buy a drink.
Scoop’d from: Paul

DJ Sun at The Flat—the regular show that got away and will continue to do so, now that our meetings are Monday nights. We’ve experienced DJ Sun. We’ve been to the Flat more times than our post office. Separately, these two work. Together, the odds weigh even heavier in their favor. It’s going to be good.

Saint Arnolds Foamraiser featuring Folk Family Revival

Where: The Orange Show [2402 Munger St., 77023]
When: Friday, December 2nd | 7:00PM to 11:00PM
How much: Pre-sale tickets are $20, day of event $25
Scoop’d from: Paul

It’s FOAMRAISER time! Look for colorful art, good music by Folk Family Revival and the beer, quickly becoming synonymous with Houston, Saint Arnold.

All the proceeds raised from the event will go to the Orange Show Center for Visionary Art.

— The Loop Scoop


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