July 13th, 2011

The Look Ahead: Hank Sr., Wednesday Night Dinner, and The Beatles

After gathering the materials for today’s The Look Ahead, I’ve got Hank and Rocky on the mind. You will too if you end up playing these videos below. Now, either I warned you or I set you up for a good work soundtrack. Good day, to you.

Hank Williams – Lost Highway at Stages Repertory Theatre

Where: Stages Repertory Theatre [3201 Allen Pkwy., 77019]
When: July 13th through September 4th | Wednesdays & Thursdays 7:30PM, Fridays & Saturdays 8:00PM, Sundays 3:00PM
How much: Tickets start at $23.00
Scoop’d from: Stages Repertory Theatre

This is your chance to experience the story of Hank Williams, brought to life through his incredible music. With over 20 songs from his entire career being featured, surely you’ll recognize one or two. And further, the impact he’s had on American music even some 60 years on has only been matched by a few. It’s science, don’t question it. Who knows it might even give some insight as to why Hank Jr. thinks he’s entitled to such a prickly demeanor.

Pick Up Ingredients for a Wednesday Night Dinner at  Revival Market

Where: Revival Market – The Heights [550 Heights Blvd., 77008]
When: Wednesday, July 13th | 6:30AM until 7:00PM
How much: It depends on what you’re purchasing.
Scoop’d from: Revival Market (Yeah, they launched a new site—looks good.)

Sure, it’s a little warm outside. Yeah, mosquitoes are out. It’s summer. Go pick up meat from an actual butcher. When you get there, they’ll tell you how to cook it and how much you’ll be needing—essentially everything you’ll want to know in preparing your meal. It seems a little pricy, but it ain’t just one meal you’re getting. That’s what leftovers are for, right?

Beatles Open Mic Night at Bohemeo’s

Where: Bohemeo’s [708 Telephone Rd., 77023]
When: Wednesday, July 13th | Sign Up is at 8:00PM or go through email info@bohemeos.com
How much: Free
Scoop’d from: Do713

There’s a three song limit, so choose ‘em wisely. I know it’s tough. Also, don’t bother with the electric instruments—it’s unplugged. Acoustic guitars and hand drums will have to suffice as we try to do those classics justice.

— The Loop Scoop


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