December 29th, 2011

The Look Ahead: Houston Murders Record, Nike’s “Air Activist,” Ain’t No Walmart, Gimme Kidney, and Rome’s the Opposite of Burning

Houstonians Strive to Set Homicide Record
This year, Houston experienced the lowest number of homicides in its modern history. With 195 recorded killings and just a couple days left in the year, our fair city looks poised to fall below the 200 homicides benchmark. A note to any serial or revenge killers out there currently hatching plots: please reconsider, or at least wait until after the New Year. It isn’t terribly often that Houston sets a low crime record. Don’t blow this for us. Visit KHOU for more.

Nike Yet to Produce ‘Air Activist’
Houston minister Quanell X seems a little bitter that Nike never asked him to endorse a line of sneakers. He gathered with other activists outside Greenspoint Mall where he publicly called for Nike to put an end to the Air Jordan stampeding madness. He’s got a point. Maybe if Nike would start manufacturing shoes named after famous social revolutionaries instead of athletes, the demand wouldn’t be so great. Who would wait in line for a pair of Gloria Steinem cross trainers? Visit Click2Houston for more.

This Ain’t Wal-Mart, Sweetheart.
Mothers all over the country are angry with Target, following the mistreatment of a woman attempting to nurse her son inside a store in Webster, Texas. What to do, what to do? I know! Let’s all gather in and around our local Target stores and whip out our breasts. That’ll show ‘em! Visit Click2Houston for more.

John Locke Probably Still Wants His Kidney Back
In a beautiful story of selfless giving this holiday season, a University of Texas student is donating her kidney to save her ailing father’s life. While many praise the daughter’s benevolence, some die-hard fans of Lost can’t help but recall the tragedies that ensue following an inter-family organ transplant. “It’s amazing, what she’s doing,” says a Houston area Lostie. “I just don’t know if I could do it. I mean, how well do you really know your parents?” Visit KHOU for more.

Rome is Extinguished in Houston
The end of an era has come as Jim Rome’s Houston affiliate 610AM will stop carrying his show. For many a sports fan, Rome was a staple of the afternoon airwaves. Whether it was to follow his soccer-hating gospel or hate on his bloviated opinions, Rome burned in our minds during the lunch hours. No more. Visit for more.

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