March 10th, 2011

The Look Ahead: Joe Dirt Feast, Regatta and Spring Forward Music Fest

For the last three days I’ve been listening to the Ben Folds and Nick Hornby collaboration, Lonely Avenue. One of my favorite, geeky songwriters and one of my favorite authors together creating music and lyrics, it’s a wonder that it took me nearly six months to buy it.

You would think there was more to the story, but there’s not. I just wanted to share and you can’t stop me.

Let’s move on to the stuff happening around town. If we need to know about an upcoming event leave a comment, tweet at us (@TheLoopScoop) or email us at


Joe Dirt Feast at Alamo Drafthouse

Where: West Oaks Mall
When: Thursday, March 10th at 7:00PM
How much: $40
Scoop’d from: Marc

We had so much fun at the inaugural Independent Beer Feast at Alamo Drafthouse that we advise you to head on over to their West Oaks location for their Joe Dirt Feast tonight. The four course meal, complete with beer pairings, will feature the indigenous cuisine of the redneck like franks n’ beans, fried catfish and the infamous sloppy joe. You can trust that Alamo will put a creative little spin on the food and expect to be pleasantly surprised. Unfortunately for those hipster aficionados…they will not be serving PBR. The doors open at 6:15PM and the movie starts at 7:00PM.


Buffalo Bayou Regatta

Where: Start – 7700 San Felipe; Finish – Sesquicentennial Park
When: Saturday, March 12th at 7:30AM to 8:45 AM (registration)
How much: $45 a person
Scoop’d from: H-Town Showdown

From the Showdown: “Floating down the bayou isn’t something that most people do everyday, but once a year a bevy of brightly colored kayaks storm downstream. It’s like a hot air balloon race, but without the balloons and in the water. Okay, so it’s not like that at all, but Buffalo Bayou Regatta is fun and a great way to spend a spring morning, whether your a seasoned kayaker or it’s your first time in the water. Texas’ largest canoe and kayak race kicks off on San Felipe just west of Voss, and winds it’s way a full 15 miles to Sesquicentennial Park downtown, where the real celebration begins with live music, food and drink and the awards ceremony, you know, for the people who were brave enough to get up early and actually race.


Spring Forward Music Festival at Groundhall and Echo

Where: Downtown [1515 Pease St., 77002]
When: Saturday, March 12th at 2:00PM
How much: $10 in advance; $15 day of show
Scoop’d from: A Loopster Named Eric

What Made Milwaukee Famous. Ume. Bright Light Social Hour. Electric Touch. We need not say anymore than that. I have much love for WMMF. With their last record coming up on its third anniversary, I’ve been patiently waiting for the next. I would go into a further review of the event, but I think SPACE CITY ROCK is a much better resource for the occasion (a full schedule and everything!).

The line up includes: Absolute Pistol | Alkari | Another Run | The Boxing Lesson | The Dead Revolt | Dirty Dishes | Electric Touch | Ellis.Atlantic | Frank Smith | The Gold Sounds | Grandfather | Grass is Green | Ill Liad | Jay Satellite | The Journey Agents | Lights of Attica | Mobley | Ozeal | Rivers | Supervolcano | Tax the Wolf | The True Value | Viva Viva | Winter Wallace | Yokomono

— The Loop Scoop


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