February 14th, 2011

The Look Ahead: Miracle Berry, Line-Up Announcement and Urban Race

Houston, will you by our Valentine?

We’ve done our fair share of bitching about the holiday and everything that it seems to stand for, but, in the end, we have to admit we’re fans. It’s too bad that we need to be reminded once a year to celebrate love. And reminded we are. In fact, we’re inundated with hints, not very subtle ones, that there are certain expectations we can only hope to fail up to. So, good luck, lovers. You’re going to need it.

If we need to know about an upcoming event leave a comment, tweet at us (@TheLoopScoop) or email us at contact@theloopscoop.com.

Cultural Feast: Taste Bud Tripping Miracle Fruit

Where: Museum District [5555 Herman Park Dr., 77030]
When: Monday, February 14th from 5:30PM to 8:00PM
How much: $45 or $37 for Members
Scoop’d from: @HMNS

We’ve heard about this “miracle fruit” before. Synsepalum Dulcifium comes from the wilds of West Africa. See that? Using the scientific name increases the classiness of The Loop Scoop by 389%. The Houston Museum of Natural Science is hosting a food tripping event. It’s a showcase of the powers of the Miracle Berry to transform bitter and sour foods into sweet tasting ones. Your taste buds will never trust you again.


Free Press Summer Fest Line-Up Announce Party

Where: Heights [2706 White Oak Dr., 77007]
When: Monday, February 14th; Doors open at 9PM
How much: Free!
Scoop’d from: Constant emails and whatnot.

Free Press Houston is giving you a two-fer tonight. #1 – Forget about winter and think of summer. #2 – Forget about Valentine’s Day and revel in the prospect of a music festival. The first 120 Budweiser drafts are a mere 50 cents thanks to 29-95.com. It’s a veritable who’s who of the publishing community in Houston… Guess our invite got lost in the mail.

CitySolve Urban RaceHouston Edition

Where: Downtown – Little Woodrow’s [2019 Walker St., 77003]
When: Saturday, February 19th; Check-In from 11:00AM to 11:45AM
How much: $50 per person in advance; $60 per person on race day
Scoop’d from: @CharityChicksHouston and @CitySolve

Our race team got hosed last year. That fact still irks us a little bit. Somehow we came in second place but REALLY we came in fifth. That’s not going to keep us from vengeance. This year, CitySolve Urban Race Houston starts at the new Little Woodrow’s near Minute Maid Park. From there you will receive your clues to bumble around town finding spots to photograph yourself in front of. Prepare to be winded. But be prepared overall.

If you register before midnight tonight you can use a “halfpricehouston” promo code to get, well, half off. If you forget to do that, use the “charitychicks” promo code and you’ll still get 40% off per person. There is money to be won. Tweets to be made. Costumes to be worn. Get your sleuthing caps and running shoes strapped on, Houston.

— The Loop Scoop


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