February 28th, 2011

The Look Ahead: Outside in Hermann Park, Universe, Boooooom

With weather like this, get outside as often as you can. Find that one coworker you’ve got that still smokes. Buy a cig for quarter like in the honky-tonk bath rooms. Casually hold it in your hand as if about to light it up—you’ll do it, if it means you’re able to dodge work and experience this fine Houston day.

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Lunch Outside

Where: Hermann Park [6001 Fannin St.]
When: Any time you’ve been given as beautiful a day as this
How much: Absolutely free
Scoop’d from: The Weather Report

This one is pretty self explanatory. Why not eat a quick lunch in the park and then saunter on into this next event?


Life in the Universe at HMNS

Where: Museum District [5555 Herman Park Dr., 77030]
When: February 28th or any days this weeek at 12:30PM
How much: $8 Adult; $7 Children and Seniors
Scoop’d from: HMNS.org

So once again we’re heading back to the Burke Baker Planetarium at the Houston Museum of Natural Science. Last time we examined life on Earth from the Moon, this time we’re looking for life in the vast cosmos of this great universe. Pack a brown paper lunch and ditch Hulu in favor of something educational.


Untouchable Thursday at Nouveau Antique Art Bar with Bang Bang Boom

Where: Nouveau Antique Art Bar [2913 Main St.]
When: Thursday, March 3rd from 8PM to 11PM
How much: Don’t cost a thing, but be a doll or gent and slip ‘em some cash.
Scoop’d from: Nouveau Antique Art Bar’s GesichtBuch

Nouveau Antique Art Bar already has the old time feel. On Thursday’s they’re taking it one step further with the addition of Bang Bang Boom (Andrew Karnavas, Nick Gaitan, Bart Maloney, and Rajiv Grover) playing that sweet, sweet music from the 40’s and 50’s. It doesn’t stop there—they encourage any and all to don those gowns and three-piece suits. Why not?

— The Loop Scoop


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