April 14th, 2011

The Look Ahead: Pale CD Listening Party, Ted Nugent in Winnie and Kemah Crawfish Fest

I’m tired of making up introductions today. Let’s just pretend that I said something witty or interesting or relevant and move on to the meat of the matter: Events.

We have a couple things that will be “worth the drive” in this edition of The Look Ahead. As always, if we need to know about an upcoming event leave a comment, tweet at us (@TheLoopScoop) or email us at contact@theloopscoop.com.

In The Time of Dangerous Men – CD Listening Party for Pale at Dirt Bar

Where: Downtown [1209 Caroline St., 77002]
When: Thursday, April 14th from 7:00PM to 9:00PM
How Much: Free
Scoop’d From: Email

From what we wrote on 6.21.11Pale has been a band on the verge of breaking into the popular music scene for a few years now. Watching “Catastrophic Skies” it’s quite obvious that their patience is running low and they’re ready to break through the barriers that lead to stadium-tour glory at any cost. The new single’s video is anything but a veiled front against the powers that be in the now failing corporate music industry. Fans of the band, friends to the project and the production team all crammed into the upstairs theater in a number strong enough to warrant two screenings. Check out the extended cut/short film.”

The CD release party for Pale’s In the Time of Dangerous Men is on April 28th at Warehouse Live, but tonight you can listen to the album in its entirety with the band. Be at Dirt Bar around 7:00 and wait for the tunes to begin. We’ll remind you as it gets closer to the release date. That’s our style.


Ted Nugent w/ Mark Chesnutt at Nutty Jerry’s

Where: Winnie Arena [18291 Englin Rd., 77665]
When: Friday, April 15th | Doors at 7:00PM
How Much: $25 to $100, pick your poison
Scoop’d From: Email

Last weekend, a couple of your champion writers took off to the country of Caldwell. We drank beer. Fired guns. Drank more beer. Pulled straight from a bottle of Scotch. Fired more guns. Honestly, it was the life of Ted Nugent minus the alcohol. So, if this were any other rocker, that story might be relevant. Thanks, Ted. In any case, rock out with Nugent this Friday out in Winnie, TX at Nutty Jerry’s. Worth the drive? Most definitely.


Kemah Crawfish Festival

Where: Kemah [Under the Bridge - Map Here]
When: Friday, April 15th through Sunday, April 17th
How Much: $5 General Admission | 12$ Thee-Day Pass
Scoop’d From: Heard it on the Radio

From the website: “Miller Lite and the City of Kemah Present the Kemah Crawfish Festival April 15 – 17 benefitting Houston PBS. The three-day festival takes place under the iconic Kemah Bridge, truly welcoming all into the city. In addition to the crawfish, Kemah will offer the best of Cajun dishes and classic festival fare. The area’s best Zydeco bands provide the infectious rhythms where the Bayou meets the Bay.”

— The Loop Scoop


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