July 20th, 2011

The Look Ahead: Postcards from Houston, “Revelator” and “American Honey,” Open Mic at Fitz and Montrose Art Society

It’s time to get things moving. Y’all don’t even read this introduction anyway, so let’s just move on to the good stuff. Whaddaya say?


Postcards From Houston: A Community-Based Art Course

Where: Texas Art Supply – Montrose [2001 Montrose Blvd., 77006]
When: Wednesday, July 20th and Thursday July 21st | 5:30PM to 7:30PM
How much: $180
Scoop’d from: Black Sheep Agency

“Postcards from Houston is a grassroots, Houston-based community arts course with
collaborations including The Orange Show and the Greater Houston Preservation Alliance (GHPA). The
project itself is all about preserving what makes Houston unique and making that available to everyone…
And anyone can enroll!”

We’re sending one of our own to this four-course art class. Richard will be taking part in the two-hour sessions to see what his hands can create. The works of the participants will be on display during a gallery show with prints available for purchase with the proceeds going to The Orange Show. It’s a mighty fine time to be an artist.


ZenHill Records Pressing: “Revelator” and “American Honey”

Where: ZenHill Records
When: Right Now!
How much: TBA
Scoop’d from: @ZenHillRecords

Back on January 17th, we relayed information that Roky Moon and Bolt was in the studio for a massive live session that would culminate in their newest record. Well, it’s finally coming. American Honey has it’s release date set for July 30th at Fitzgerald’s. Along with that awesome info, we also know that Sideshow Tramps will finally be releasing a follow-up to their 2007 beast Medicine Show. The new album, Revelator, doesn’t have a release date or party set for it yet, but we’ll keep a look out for you.


Open Mic Night at Fitzgerald’s

Where: Fitzgerald’s – The Heights [2706 White Oak Dr., 77007]
When: Wednesday, July 20th | 8:00PM
How much: FREE
Scoop’d from: Pegstar

For a long time we’ve been wondering what (or who) would replace the indomitable act of Robert Ellis and the Boys at Fitzgerald’s on Wednesday nights. We have our answer. Starting tonight, Wednesday, July 20th, the mic is open for all comers. Sign-up is at 8:00PM with the first act starting at 8:30PM. Dust off the guitar, gather up your courage and set out for the Heights. It’s time you got yourself on stage.


Montrose Art Society Wants YOU! (Maybe)

Where: Montrose Art Society – Website
When: Deadline – Sunday, July 31st
How much: FREE
Scoop’d from: ArtAttack – Houston Press

“The Montrose Art Society is looking for 5 new members to be part of our group. We have created a model of artistic professionalism over the past year and are looking to grow.

So what’s the criteria?
We will be taking submissions until midnight July 31st.

What are you to submit?
We are requiring an Artist Resume (C.V.), Sample Works and a Brief Answer to this Question:

Why do you want to be part of the Montrose Art Society and how do you feel you can contribute to the group? (Please keep your answer under 300 words.)” – Visit the website to apply

— The Loop Scoop


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