August 9th, 2011

The Look Ahead: Sustainability in Houston, Trivia at the Harp, and Roller Derby

Tuesday used to be my favorite day of the work week because it was usually capped by an evening of trivia at the Harp. Times have changed. I rarely get there for chillaxin’ at all, let alone trivia. Maybe, today I remedy that.


Houston as the Sustainability Capital of the World and What’s Next?

Where: The University of Houston – Gerald D. Hines College of Architecture Theater – Room 150 [1 Main St., 77002]
When: Tuesday, August 9th | 6:00PM to 7:30PM
How much: $20/lecture; $160/series of 9; plus parking
Scoop’d from: University of Houston

Rives Taylor has more than 25 years experience in institutional and commercial architecture with 18 years spent focusing on strategic planning, programming, and sustainable design. Taylor casts a wide net in elevating both the why and how of sustainable design, including students, faculty, professionals, public officials and the general public.

Trivia Night at the Harp

Where: Montrose – The Harp [1625 Richmond Ave., 77006]
When: Tuesday, August 9th | 8:00PM
How much: $3 per person; teams up to five people. Winners take home the pot.
Scoop’d from: My past

The Harp website give some sample trivia questions to prepare you for their brain gauntlet. Here are a few:

This country singer once quoted, “When Womens Lib started, I was the first to burn my bra . . . and it took 3 days to put out the fire.”

Galileo called what planet “the planet with ears”?

This wood-cleaning product has more lemons in it than Country Time Lemonade?

In which U.S. state will you be charged a fine if you still have your Christmas decorations up past January 14th?

Find the answers here.

Houston Roller Derby: Bayou City Bosses vs. Spindletop Roller Girls & Psych Ward Sirens vs. Brawlers

Where: North Houston – Spring - Houston Indoor Sports [221 Barren Springs Dr., 77090]
When: Saturday, August 20th | Doors open at 6:00PM, Bouts start at 7:00PM. Each bout has two 30 minute periods, with breaks in between.
How much: $15.00 – Be sure to grab your tickets early. They’ve been selling out two weeks in advance of bouts.
Scoop’d from: Richard

The need for some hard hitting action in these Summer months continues to allude me as football season is still weeks off. Yeah, rugby won’t be starting any sooner, either. Rest assured, there is an option. Houston Roller Derby. What gives this flat track sport a slight edge? It’s inside. Sure Texans’ games are too, but those tickets are expensive.

— The Loop Scoop


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