April 21st, 2011

The Look Ahead: The Green Run, Will Taylor and Strings Attached, Something Fierce and Young Girls

The weekend starts tonight for us around here. Who knows if we’ll even be around tomorrow… We’ll probably check in just in case there’s something to tell you about, but hey, THREE DAY WEEKEND!

We’re going to start republishing stuff that we’ve previous written about the day that it’s supposed to happen. A friendly reminder for those of you (and us, if we need to be perfectly honest) that don’t check in on The Look Ahead on a daily basis.

So let’s get down and dirty with the stuff we need to remember is going on in Houston.


The Green Run: 5K, 10K and KidsK

Where: City Centre [800 Town and Country Blvd., 77024]
When: Saturday, April 23rd | 8:30AM
How Much: $40 for the 10K | $35 for the 5K
Scoop’d From: @TheGreenRun

Richard is our only resident runner of the group. Remember, he did the ConocoPhillips Rodeo Run 10K a couple of months ago and brought you a photo essay. We can’t think of a better way to celebrate Earth Day than dusting off the kicks and taking a jog. No word yet if minutes get added to your finishing time if you arrive by car. Kind of defeats the purpose, doesn’t it?

This race counts as a qualifier for next year’s Chevron Houston Marathon. Get on it.


Will Taylor and Strings Attached, Something Fierce and Young Girls: In-Store Performances at Cactus Music

Where: The Green Room at Warehouse Live [813 St. Emmanuel St., 77003]
When: Saturday, April 23rd | 1:00PM, 3:00PM and 5:00PM
How Much: Free, Free and Free
Scoop’d From: Cactus Music

If you missed out on Record Store Day last week, now’s the time to make up for it. Three great in-store performances are happening at Cactus Music on Saturday. Seriously, you may as well just hang out in the area for the entire day. Take in a couple drinks at Stag’s Head Pub or McElroy’s while you’re waiting on the tunes to continue.

Will Taylor and Strings Attached (1:00PM) – We’re of the opinion that there can never be too much orchestral accompaniment to music. With Will Taylor and Strings Attached, there’s plenty to go around. The only question is, will there be enough stage to go around for the band when they get to Cactus.

Something Fierce (3:00PM) – The band is coming fresh off releasing their third full-length album Don’t Be So Cruel this month. You can listen to a few of the songs on bandcamp. Something Fierce factors nicely into the punk-post-punk Houston scene.

Young Girls (5:00PM) – I love this quote from their myspace bio: “Houston’s Young Girls make tuneful, polaroid-quality garage pop that feels impassioned and sincere without losing a certain tongue-in-cheek self-awareness.”



Shot in the Dark: Houston Press Concert Photographers Showcase

Where: The Green Room at Warehouse Live [813 St. Emmanuel St., 77003]
When: Thursday, April 21st | Doors at 7:00PM
How Much: Free
Scoop’d From: Marco

Food trucks. Cash bar. A couple tracks from each of the musicians displayed in the concert photographs from Houston Press you’re there to see. If it wasn’t meatloaf night at my house, I’d be there in a heart beat. Let’s face it, we’ve had some big acts roll through town, luckily Houston’s had the photography muscle to capture the bulk of those shows. If you’re not into photography, don’t fret—it’s images of music. Popular music. If you don’t like pop, go for the people watching and cheap food.

Photographers include: Jay Lee, Mark C. Austin, Marco Torres, Groovehouse, Jim Bricker, Marc Brubaker, Jody Perry, Jason Wolter, Craig Hlavaty, Larami Serrano, Matthew Keever and Kendra Berglund.


The Best and the Brightest – Sneak Preview at Landmark River Oaks Theatre

Where: River Oaks [2009 West Gray, 77019]
When: Thursday, April 21st | 7:30PM
How Much: $10 General Admission
Scoop’d From: One of our Facebook “like”rs

Is that Doogie Howser? And Shooter McGavin is in the trailer? The “I’m a PC” guy too?! Wow, sign me up for this movie choc’ full of actors I will only recognize from their characters played long ago. I’m nostalgic like that (also read: I’m lazy like that).

All kidding aside, Neil Patrick Harris is a national treasure. So are Christopher McDonald and John Hodgman. Don’t even get me started on Amy Sedaris. Actually, do get me started on her, but introduce me first. That would just be awkward.

On Thursday night, you should be making plans to see the sneak preview of The Best and the Brightest. As our commenter on facebook noted, “We need a big turnout to keep attracting filmmakers to Houston as an advance market. Won’t be in theaters ’til summer. Looks hilarious!”


Lights Out Houston: Reducing Non-Essential Electricity

Where: Houston-wide
When: Thursday, April 21st | 10:00PM
How Much: Free: Go Green
Scoop’d From: @ScarletThreadFT

In the name of energy conservation I will end writing this post now and turn off my monitor. That is all.

— The Loop Scoop


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