April 15th, 2011

The Look Ahead: The Toadies, Record Store Day, Super Pancho Combo and The Journey Agents

It’s here! The weekend! Rejoice!

We’re probably missing a bunch of stuff, so if you have anything you want to tell the world (read: the tens of people that read The Loop Scoop), put it in a comment for our reading pleasure. Of course, if you feel the need to be more than anonymous, send us an email at contact@theloopscoop.com about the event of your pleasure… not “pleasure events,” though. That’s for a different corner of the interwebz altogether.


The Toadies at Warehouse Live w/ Descender and The Couch

Where: Downtown [813 St. Emmanuel St., 77003]
When: Friday, April 15th | Doors at 8:00PM
How Much: $25 General Admission
Scoop’d From: Jambase.com

I’m pretty sure this one stands alone. It’s The Toadies. You love them. You hate them. And even if you hate them, you still have an epically soft spot for “Possum Kingdom” and “Away” and maybe even “Tyler.” If you’re a 30-ish connessieur of the rock-arts, then The Toadies played at least a little part in your formative years. That’s why you’ll pay $25 to see them tonight.


Record Store Day at Your Independent Houston Record Store

Where: Everywhere
When: Saturday, April 16th
How Much: As much as you can
Scoop’d From: Everywhere

Are you ready for this? We’ve got some personal favorites that you’re going to have to check out on Saturday, RECORD STORE DAY! It’s the right thing to do. In alphabetical order (add yours in the comments):

All Records
Cactus Music
Screwed Up Records and Tapes
Vinal Edge
Vinyl Junkie Distro


Super Pancho Combo and The Journey Agents at Rudyard’s

Where: Montrose [2010 Waugh Dr., 77006]
When: Saturday, April 16th | Let’s say “doors at 8:00PM”
How Much: Bring cash, I got no idea.
Scoop’d From: Wanting to write about live music at Rudyard’s

Funky. Fresh. Funkyfresh.

— Paul


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