October 17th, 2011

The Look Ahead: Walk in the Park, Gringo-Feather-Girls at Fitz, Texas and the Civil War, and Ravel with the Houston Symphony

Today is not just another Monday. It’s the day we once again realize that the Texans have indeed imploded after what was a promising start. It’s the day the news sets in that two of our rivals will be facing off in the 2011 World Series. Where’s the good news? It’s the day before a cool front. And UH is a solid #19 in the BCS Rankings. You decide how your day unfolds from here on out.

A Walk in the Park at Memorial Park with Bayou City Outdoors

Where: The South side of Memorial Park [Decide your best course of action]
When: Monday, October 17th | Meet from 5:45 PM to 6:00 PM
How much: Free
Scoop’d from: Bayou City Outdoors

Sure, it’s warm out. That’s no reason to shun the outdoors. Find a shaded trail and go for a walk. The day’s are getting shorter, so the sun’s less of a problem anyway. Even if you can’t meet up with the Bayou City folks, it can’t hurt to check it out on your own.

On a side note: Bayou City Outdoors, if you’re looking for more members, please update your events with relevant information. Meeting place? Time? Grazi.

Gringo Star, Featherface, and Young Girls at Fitzgerald’s

Where: Fitzgerald’s – The Heights [2706 White Oak Dr., 77007]
When: Monday, October 17th | Doors at 8:00PM
How much: $8 General Admission
Scoop’d from: Paul

After you get in from that Memorial Park walk-a-bout, it’s time for something slightly less effortful. Once again, we’d be stupid to miss this show. Three talented acts playing next to nothing right down the street. Maybe I can convince the rest of the TLS staff to end the weekly meeting early tonight in favor of Music Monday. I really don’t see any other options. Check out that video. You won’t regret it.


How Texas Won the Civil War

Where: Museum District [5555 Hermann Park Dr., 77030]
When: Monday, October 17th | 6:30PM
How much: $18, Members $12
Scoop’d from: HMNS

Could it be that Texas actually caused, and benefitted, from the Civil War? At the end of the Civil War, the cities and farms of the Lone Star State remained intact. Upon returning home, Texas soldiers, disproportionately healthy from their time in the ranks, discovered bumper crops and booming herds of livestock waiting to be driven to market. Donald Frazier will explore how Texas was able to avoid many of the problems besetting the South under Reconstruction.

Ravel’s Daphnis and Chloe

Where: Downtown – Jones Hall [615 Louisiana St., 77002]
When: Thursday, October 20th | 8:00PM
How much: $25.00 to $116.00, blimey that’s expensive!
Scoop’d from: Houston Symphony

Poetic and ethereal, Daphnis and Chloe evokes a meadow of nymphs on a spring afternoon. Come hear some of Ravel’s most splendorous, colorful music. Arrive 45 minutes early to hear an in depth conversation with the Houston Symphony’s, John Thorne.

Haydn: Symphony No. 49, La Passione
Haydn: Cello Concerto in D major
Ravel: Mother Goose Suite
Ravel: Daphnis and Chloe Suite No. 2

— Richard


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