October 3rd, 2011

The McClain Gallery: Norman Bluhm’s Paintings, 1967-74

When it comes to Painting you’re either the Hero or the Villain. However, with large scale Abstraction, Norman Bluhm balances both roles beautifully, with his pieces currently on display at the McClain Gallery.


Oenotria - Norman Bluhm

The exhibition is displaying works from 1967 to 1974. These oversized paintings are not only dynamic but brilliant. Bluhm’s definitely not afraid to express his ideas on what abstraction can be.


Zoe – Norman Bluhm

His art fits very well in the gallery. Not overpowering the space and giving each piece enough room to breathe. “Zoe” is so appealing that it invites you in. I see a tornado across an open plain.


Shantagalisk - Norman Bluhm

My favorite piece would have to be “Shantagalisk.” It’s a very massive incomplete circle. The spikes on top of the shape force you to question whether or not this is friend or foe? The palette he uses is a mixture of pinks, yellows, and whites—intertwined with black and maroon. You could say it’s Spring time meets midnight sky—very poetic. His wide lines and shapes are quite impressive, and whatever he uses to create these broad shapes is very effective. His forms remind me of weather images. You might see waves crashing, tornados swirling, or hurricanes causing damage. In a world of so much chaos it’s nice to have a superhero introduce much needed peace.

The show is on display until October 22, 2011. The McClain Gallery is located at 2242 Richmond Avenue. Call 713.520.9988 for any questions or email: info@mcclaingallery.com

Submitted by Jesse Kantu

— The Loop Scoop


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