October 28th, 2010

The Procrastinator’s Plan 10.28.10

Halloween is one of those events that you need to buy into or you should just stay home. Nothing gets under my skin faster than someone who shows up to a Halloween party/pub crawl/trick or treat without a costume. No, scratch that. Even worse are the people who try to say something flippant like, “I dressed up as myself.” And you’re still ugly. At least I’ve got a mask as my excuse, what’s yours?

Look, Halloween is about being creative. Costumes don’t have to cost a lot of money. Some of the best costumes I’ve ever seen have been assembled with items people found around the house. As a matter of fact, the store bought costumes are always cheap and cheesy, unless it’s a naughty nurse, which are always hot, but that’s another story. So whatever you do this weekend, don’t pretend to be “too cool for school” and flake on your costume. Nut up and put something together. Halloween is the one night when you shouldn’t have to worry about looking cool and you don’t have to worry about “just being yourself,” like my mom used to say. Be whoever you want and enjoy not being yourself for one night.

Boo Who?
If you want to party like an animal, there’s no better place to hang out than the Houston Zoo. This weekend, they’re hosting their annual Zoo Boo, which includes a variety of Halloween themed activities for the kiddies from 9 to 4 on Saturday and Sunday. Dress up your little ghouls and boys and take them to see the animals, paint their own pumpkin, and most importantly, get some of the sweet stuff, because, lets face it, the best part about Halloween is watching a little four year old in an Iron Man costume, geeked up on so much sugar that he’s shaking, running circles around his ragged parents. Does that make me evil? Probably, but it’s still the highlight of my night and yes, I will admit that I buy whatever candy concoction is crammed with the most sugar to pass out on All Hallow’s Eve. It’s like winding up a toy that never stops. If you’re looking to avoid the crowds with your little rugrats, think about heading to the Zoo on Friday from 9 to 1, where they’ll have all of the activities without the crowds.

Creepy Crawly
If you’re looking for a little more grown up fun the Halloween, then consider making your way to the Montrose Pub Crawl. Already one Houston’s most character rich neighborhoods, add in costumes and alcohol and you’ve got yourself a guaranteed good time. I can’t think of a better place to “ditch reality” and indulge your alter ego, whatever it may be. The best part is that it benefits the Houston Area Women’s Center. The night kicks off at Brasil and ends at Little Bigs for a midnight snack. Don’t forget to put some thought into your costume and maybe you’ll take home the award for the best costume. You can find a schedule of all the stops and answers to frequently asked questions here.

Bow Chick a Wow Wow
If you’re looking for some really adult fun this Halloween, check out the “Couples Only” party at the Ritz Cabaret. A full club takeover, the 7th Annual Halloween Erotica Ball, goes from 8 pm to 2 am and then retires to the Marriott for the, um, after party. While it’s definitely not the Holiday Inn, I’m sure you’ll find something to occupy your time. It’s alright, The Loop Scoop doesn’t judge. The party will feature dancing, stages, cages and poles. I’m not really sure what to do with all those, but I’m sure it will make for a fun and interesting night. Remember, what happens on Halloween stays on Halloween, unless it’s the herp, cause you can’t get rid of that. So be safe this Halloween, whether young or old. Make sure your costume has plenty of reflective material and you always have some latex on hand.


The Prophet Speaks (Paul)
Marc can extol the virtues of a Halloween hootenanny all he wants, but I’m not going to buy into it. I’ll have my cake and eat it too; un-costumed thank you very much. My plan is to avoid dressing up in my slutty nurse outfit with all the vigor I can muster. In order to combat all the people trying to hand me roofie-laced candy corn, I will be filling my weekend with live music. The first of which will be a trip to Continental Club to see the great Chuck Prophet bring fire and brimstone to the stage. My first experience seeing Prophet was earlier this year at Volcano on St. Patrick’s Day. He seems to pop up in Houston at the most ideal times, also known as times I would like to avoid crowds of people looking for an excuse to get drunk and pretend to be someone else (whether that be Irish or Antoine Dodson). Tickets for the show are only $12 and you can buy them online.

— Marc


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