November 18th, 2010

The Procrastinator’s Plan 11.18.10

As with all important issues, there are two schools of thought in my household. His and hers. The relevance of Harry Potter is no different. Granted, I realize that the Harry Potter books are primarily a children’s book, but I actually enjoy them. I ended up borrowing them from my girlfriend’s little sister so I could read each of the books. My girlfriend, on the other hand, thinks that I’m absolutely nutter for getting into the world of wizarding. The entire time I was reading the books, she’d roll her eyes and snort that she couldn’t believe I was wasting my time. With the first part of the last movie set to come out this weekend, I’ve been hinting around to see if my girlfriend will take me to see it. I’m not having much luck. To be honest, I’m not sure why my fascination with a literary phenomenon is something to scoff at when her favorite past time is keeping up to date with celebrity updates with Perez Hilton. To each their own, I guess. But I’m still looking for someone to take me to the movie… I’ve already got my middle aged Harry Potter costume ready, complete with my limp wand.

Don’t Fight the Foam
We’re all aware of the wonderful impact of the Orange Show on Houston’s culture. Whether it’s the Art Car Parade or the Orange Show Monument, they put on some of the best and coolest events in Houston. This Friday, they’ll be hosting their annual Foam Raiser at the Orange Show monument to help raise money for all of their awesome endeavors. With performances by Jimmy Pizzitola and Robert Ellis and beer provided by Saint Arnold, a good time will be had by all. It’ll be a great opportunity to explore the Orange Show monument and sample the only casks of Saint Arnold’s Divine Reserve 10. Sounds tasty! Make sure to head on to the web to get your tickets here.

Expecto Patronum
As I’ve already mentioned, the last installment of the Harry Potter books has been split into two movies. The first of those will be coming out this weekend. The obligatory midnight showings start tonight and the Houston Museum of Natural Science will be hosting a midnight screening. The Premiere Party begins at 10:30 pm. Buying a ticket to the IMAX showing includes entrance into the Permanent Exhibit Halls, Cockrell Butterfly Center or the Burke Baker Planetarium. The event will include potion demonstrations and encounters with some of the “magical creatures” from the Museum’s live animal collection. In addition, you’ll have the opportunity to test your knowledge of Harry Potter and enter the costume contest to win fabulous prizes. The film starts promptly at 12:01 a.m. and limited parking will be available in the garage.

Cigarette Eyes
Fresh off the release of his third studio album (”Mobile Chateau“, Sept 21st), Matt Costa hit the road on a US tour. On Friday, November 19th, he’ll be playing at the House of Blues in the Bronze Peacock Room (Tickets Here). If you haven’t heard of Costa as a singer/songwriter, you might be familiar with him as a professional skateboarder. He signed on with the similarly multi-talented Jack Johnson’s record label, Brushfire Records, which has released both “Songs that We Sing” (2006) and “Unfamiliar Faces” (2008). Opening up the show will be the band Everest, which I will be honest about and tell you that I’ve never heard of them before – Let Go, upon first listen, is a damn good song, though. That won’t stop me from pulling the totally hipster move of leaving the show only to declare, “Costa was good and everything, but that opener, Everest, really blew me away. They better not sell out.” That’s just how I roll, people. Give me an underdog and I’ll provide the pedestal to vault them upon only to knock it out from under them at the first sign of “corporate” betrayal. Ask me, one day, what I think about Kings of Leon. Just go ahead.

13.1 is the new 26.2
Let’s get this straight right now: You runners are crazy. That being said, I have nothing but respect for those of you who pound the pavement religiously, I just can’t be left with my thoughts for that long. The voices get too loud to bear. Anything over three miles smells of doom and agony… And this is coming from a guy that once fancied himself a high-school-cross-country-star-in-the-making. That’s a lot of dashes, but not as long of a dash as what will be held in Galveston this weekend. On Saturday the Seawall Half-Marathon will be held. That’s 13.1 miles of bliss – for those of you who enjoy to inflict pain upon yourselves. The gun goes off at 7:00AM, so if you happen to be driving around Houston’s version of the Jersey Shore (if you want to see Snooki get punched over and over, click this), watch out for the runners and avoid 83rd Street altogether. Don’t worry, non-runners, you can do the Crab Walk if you’ve ever wondered how long it would take you to tread 13.1 miles making the least amount of effort possible and there are also 10K routes, 1K and 2K (just for the kids) races.

The Ultimate Sidewalk Chalk
Do you like chalk? Do you like staring down at the ground as you walk? Do you like art? You must like Via Colori. That’s not a suggestion based on the previous questions, it’s more of a demand. You MUST like Via Colori. Benefiting the Center for Hearing and Speech, you’ll be able to view the street art (very literally, “street art”) of more than a dozen professionals. They will take to their chalk and you won’t have to take to your wallet. The event is free. Just find your favorite route downtown on Saturday or Sunday (November 20-21), get to Sam Houston Park and enjoy the show. There will be live music from local bands, food and other great goodies for you.

WHAM, Bam, Thank You, Ma’am
I have to admit, I get pretty excited about acronyms. They’re my favorite communicative tool. Therefore, the Winter Holiday Arts Market has me jumping at the bit. WHAM? Art thou serious? That’s the coolest acronym circa when we thought George Michael was straight. The market will be held at Winter Street Studios (2101 Winter Street) on the edge of downtown on Saturday and Sunday (November 20-21). Yes, it’s quite free. Be sure to bring your wallet, though. There’s no telling what you will come across for purchase while you’re there. Spacetaker, the organization behind WHAM, aims to “afford local artists the chance to showcase and sell their work to the general public, while simultaneously promoting the breadth and artistry of our city’s creative community.” If you can’t get behind that, don’t even worry about waking me up before you go go.

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