December 16th, 2010

The Procrastinator’s Plan 12.16.10

With all of the Holiday Christmas parties, this can be an interesting time of year. I don’t know if you’re Christmas party experiences are anything like mine, but if they are, you might be in for a wild ride. My first holiday party at my current company ended up with me being so drunk that I had no idea where I was and so I decided that I’d walk home from the bar where we ended up. On my walk home, I stumbled into a hole in the street and sprained my ankle so bad that I couldn’t walk. That meant that I had to catch a cab to take me home. Unfortunately, when I tried to tell him my address, I slurred my words so badly that he couldn’t understand where I wanted to go. Somehow, I made it back to my apartment and proceeded to pass out. And all of this happened before 8PM. The next morning, my ankle was so swollen that I had to call in sick to work. Now that’s a Christmas Party!

What would Santa Do?
With the Holidays coming around, many of the local Texas artists are scheduling their annual Christmas show in and around Houston so they’ll be home for the holidays. This means that there are a ton of great shows to see this weekend. Friday offers a chance to see one of the best songwriters to ever come out of Bandera, Texas, Bruce Robison. He’ll be onstage with his wife, Kelly Willis at the House of Blues for the second to last show on their Holiday Store. While brother Charlie is probably more recognized by the mainstream as a performer, Bruce puts on a great live show. Also, if your date isn’t familiar with his music, they’ll more than likely recognize a few songs that were made famous by the likes of Tim McGraw or George Strait. Hopefully he won’t be bringing his heartache to Houston this Christmas.

Merry Christmas From the Family
If you’re looking for a more white trash holiday, break out your Tampons and Diet Rite and head over to the Verizon Wireless Theater for Robert Earl Keen’s annual Houston Christmas show. You’re guaranteed to hear Keen’s hit “Merry Christmas from the Family,” which is always a crowd favorite. REK was one of the country artists that I would listen to, and while it’s great to see him at a college campus when you are falling down drunk (like Frontier Fiesta 2005) but the best way to experience his music is at a smaller more intimate venue. There is a reason why he sells out two shows at Bass Hall in Fort Worth every December. This show will be closer to that experience and will give you a great opportunity to appreciate the wit, wisdom and music of a true Texas troubadour.

Can You Handel It?
Free concert. Free whatcert? Handel’s Messiah will be performed at Christ Evangelical Presbyterian Church starting tonight and running through Saturday. Each night the concert will kick off at 8PM, but show up early, because, like I said before, it’s free. You will find your seats on a first-come, first-serve basis. This isn’t the kind of event for lolligaggers and procrastinators. Parking is limited. Seats are limited. But everything is FREE!

Pinocchio Bytes!
Old and busted: Puppets. New hotness: Robots. It seems only fitting that Pinocchio has been updated from marionette to robot hell-bent on taking over the world. Wait, wait… he’s not a Decepticon. He’s just a robot, that thinks he’s a boy, only to find out that he’s a robot. At Stages Repertory Theatre you can find the updated classic playing this weekend. Just pick your day (Friday – 7:30PM; Saturday – 3:00PM and 7:30PM; Sunday – 3:00PM) and maybe even one of the dinner packages at Indika or Red Lion Pub to make a night of it. Panto Pinocchio will be showing until January 9th, so there is no rush, but let’s face it, the next couple of weekends are going to be jam packed. You should probably take advantage of it now.

— Marc


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