December 9th, 2010

The Procrastinator’s Plan 12.9.10

I’ve been in Boston the past few days, which has really got me thinking that what Houston is lacking is a greater sense of History. Unfortunately, there’s not really a way to rectify this, or so I originally thought. The more I drank and schemed, I realized it might just be a possibility. I’ll grant you the fact that you can’t invent history. Something is either old or it isn’t.  But all is not lost.  What you can do is import History! What’s more historic in Texas than the Alamo? That’s right, nothing. So why don’t we move the Alamo to Houston. Look, we all know that San Antonio sucks (almost as much as Dallas.) The only people I know from San Antonio are tools and it’s a mess of a town. Our Bayous are cleaner than that over rated sewer known as the River Walk. It’s time to bring the Alamo to a real Texas city, Houston. Who’s with me?

Black or White?
When the movie Black Swan came up at our weekly Loop Scoop meeting, I had no idea what we were talking about until some mentioned the Natalie Portman/Mila Kunis kiss. I might not have known the title, but I’ve had this movie at the top of my “need to see” list since the first Perez Hilton post advertised their kiss. If you’re as big of a fan of Hollywood hotties playing tonsil hockey as I am, head over to the Black Swan in the Omni Hotel on Saturday to celebrate the opening of the movie in Houston. Yeah, we’re a little behind everyone else, but it’ll be worth the wait. Come decked out in all black or all white to win prizes or just come in clothes to celebrate the wonder that is Natalie Portman The doors open at 8.

Hang 10
When it comes to art, the more creative the better, which is why I’m excited to Check out Boarded Up: The Art of Surf and Skate at the Gallery M Squared. Presented by Neopopstreetfunk and benefiting the Surfrider Foundation, the event features skateboards and surfboards painted by over 50 artists. Gallery M Squared’s mission is to help promote artists and their work in an atmosphere beneficial to their needs and intends to bring new and exciting works to the art collecting public. Gallery M Squared, located in the Heights, invites individuals to explore art through examination and reflection, the benefit this Saturday offers a great opportunity to do that.

Don’t Sweat(er) it
You’ve got to love the Holidays for no other reason than Holiday Parties.  Whether you watch your boss get liquored up on Peach Schnapps at your office party or your dad kill a case of the High Life and take a swing at your grandpa on Christmas Eve, there’s nothing like the holidays to ensure that any gathering turns into a festive celebration.  Maybe it’s the mistle toe.  Blue Moose Lodge is getting in on the action this Friday with their version of the classic Christmas bash, The Tacky Sweater Party.  Admit it, we all have at least one in our closet.  You don’t know where they come from, whether some long forgotten aunt knitted it for you or if it spawned from molted Mogwai fur that got wet, but reach back into the dark recesses of your closet and I’m sure you’ll be able to pull one out.  It’ll probably have enough dust on it that even the Snow Man on the chest sneezes when you shake it out, but it’ll be there.  Don your gay apparel and head over to the Blue Moose this Friday to see what everyone else found in their closet.

— Marc


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