February 26th, 2010

The Procrastinator’s Plan 2.26.10

With Rodeo Cook-Off this weekend, I’ll have my hands full. Being the benevolent soul that I am, I gathered some ideas for my fellow procrastinators whose weekend might not be quite so planned out for them.

Are You Going to Anderson Fair, Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme
Yeah, I don’t even get my own reference, but one thing I do get is good music. At the Slaid Cleaves show show last Friday night, I was blown away by a hitherto unknown guitar slinger named Michael O’Connor. Not only could he play, but I watched the man chug a pint of Guinness. He automatically won my respect. Throw his guitar playing prowess on top of that and I may just have to start worshiping the man! Saturday night, O’Connor will be back in Houston at the infamous Anderson Fair, the venue that launched the careers of Lyle Lovett, Robert Earl Keen and Nancy Griffith, to name a few. He’ll be performing with Adam Carroll. The two songwriters recently released the collaborative effort Hard Times, which is full of songs about Gulf Coast losers. Gee, I think I know a few of those. If nothing else, buy the man a Guinness and prepare to be impressed.

Who’s on First?
Two bands that I’ve never heard of, but who Paul probably loves, will be playing at Rudyards on Friday night. Appleseed Cast, an emo (I thought those were flightless birds) band out of Lawrence, Kansas will headline the show along with Dreamend. Appleseed Cast will be playing Low Level Owl 1 & 2 , their complex, delicate and highly experimental albums released in 2001, in their entirety. It’ll be a great chance to discover some great indie rock that you’re not hearing on the radio. I’m listening to their music as I type this, and it’s surprisingly relaxing and intense at the same time. They can definitely play, and they even tone down distortion to allow the musicianship to come through. Phish meets the Tron house band?

If It Ain’t Broke, Don’t Fix It
I love small, independently owned and operated restaurants, so I was thrilled when a friend took me to The Broken Spoke Cafe. Located on the Washington corridor in a mature building, it’s a great place to meet up for lunch or a casual dinner. I’m a big fan of their burgers, but they also serve killer Belgian food and everyone raves about their mussels. They’ve also got a great selection of Belgian brews. The attitude is super casual, and everyone is incredibly friendly. If you’re looking for new place to grab a bite this weekend, definitely head over to the Broken Spoke.

As you well know, it’s that wonderful time of year again: RODEO! With the redolence (word of the day) of smoked meats permeating the air, just follow your nose. It will lead you to the parking lot at Reliant Stadium. Some of the best BBQ teams in the nation – and more importantly, in Texas – will be competing for top honors. There’s so much more than bragging rights, though. Head down to Reliant Park for a true Texas spectacle. As everyone knows, Texans do everything bigger, and the World Championship BBQ Cook-Off is no exception. Whether it’s Continental’s airplane shaped pit or the teams that manage to turn their tent into Club Rodeo, there promises to be something seen around every turn. Put on your boots and grab a cowboy hat and head over. The earlier you get there, the better. Remember, parking is tight and cash only, so seriously consider taking a cab. Those who truly enjoy Cook-Off, will thank me at the end of the night. If you’re lucky enough to have a pass to one of the private parties, get ready to mix, mingle, eat and be extremely merry. (Even if you don’t have a private party access you always have the Chuck Wagon… But seriously, you want to eat better than a Sloppy Joe and bag of Lays).

Everybody’s Welcome, but Is Everyone Really Cool?
Don’t worry, we recognize that meat isn’t for everyone, so Rodeo might not be your scene (did I really just say that?). For those of you who aren’t carnivorously inclined, Mango’s in Montrose will get you fed without killing any of those animals that taste so good. I know, I know… it’s a lifestyle choice, and I respect that, but it doesn’t mean that I understand it! If all of our yammering about barbecue has gotten you jonesin’ for the sweet, saucy goodness, they’ve got a BBQ Tofu sandwich that will put the smackdown on your hankerin’s. They’ve also got stuffed F-toast, which can be filled with your choice of peanut butter and jelly (yum) or queso and jalapenos (not sure how I feel about that!). They serve an expanded brunch menu on Saturdays and Sundays from 11AM to 3PM.

— Marc


Natalie — Friday, February 26, 2010 10:52 am

Slaid Cleaves? I have a good friend who has all his CDs and has been to many of his concerts…I have yet to go but if I keep hearing how good he is my time will come soon.

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