March 19th, 2010

The Procrastinator’s Plan 3.19.10

Since all of my friends are no longer talking to me after last weeks article, I’m going to be out looking for new ones this weekend… or just drinking away my sorrows until it no longer matters if I have friends or not. After Wednesday night, I don’t want to even hear about green beer for at least 363 days. Uh oh… did I just beat Keneally’s by launching the first St. Patty’s day countdown in Houston. BOOM goes the dynamite… swish goes the crack rock! With a wealth of things to do this weekend, there’s bound to be something for everyone. Unlike Paul, I’m not a vampire (thanks to Nate for noticing) and don’t mind getting some sun on this pasty skin of mine, so we’ll have a good mix of indoor and outdoor activities.

Welcome to the Thunderdome – On Your Mark, Get Set, Go!
With football done until the fall and basketball not satisfying my need for violence and mayhem, I needed a new, full contact sport to release tension. My prayers were answered when the Charity Chicks gave us the heads up on City Solve Urban Adventure Houston. While it’s not marketed as competitive event, I am an ultra-aggressive male who believes that anything worth doing is worth doing right, at least that’s what my seventh grade football coach told me. His words, along with over-compensating for a lack of physical attributes, have transformed me into the competitor I am today. Whether I have to double up on my ‘roid regiment or push a few old ladies down, I will not be stopped. Go TEAM LOOP SCOOP!!! We’re in it to win it! Who’s with me? Make sure you use the “charitychicks” code to save 15% percent.

War, What is it Good For? Musicals!
This is your last weekend to see South Pacific at the Hobby Center, presented by Theater Under the Stars. Set on a tropical island during World War II, it’s like a precursor to Pearl Harbor. (Not that I would know, since I boycott movies with Ben Affleck after he refused to reprise his role in Gigli 2. After Gigli’s stunning success, how could you not come back for more! I feel so cheated.) Anyway, this Rogers and Hammerstein musical “doesn’t just float, it soars.” Yes, someone did say that, and what’s worse they got paid for those immensely inspiring words by the USA Today. What wonderful journalism! Although Broadway shows are not traditionally rated, TUTS has been kind enough to determine that South Pacific would qualify for a PG rating if it were a movie.That just means there won’t be any violence or nudity, like Spring Awakening. I know you’re asking yourself if I really dropped that on you… and rest assured I did. I’m not ashamed, the boobies validate me! While South Pacific will be much tamer, you can still sing along about washing men out of their hair. I think that was actually the inspiration for the song “It’s Raining Men.” There are shows on Friday and Saturday night at 8PM and matinees at 2PM on Saturday and Sunday. The final performance will be Sunday at 7:30PM. Get tickets here.

It’s Already Been Broughten
If you’re looking for a place to take a date or if you just want to pretend that you have a date and that she stood you up but you’ve decided to eat anyway, I would suggest Lucio’s. This quiet, quaint BYOB is located on Taft, right next to Gravitas. The restaurant has a definite neighborhood feel and the food is very good. Did I mention that it’s BYOB? A friend turned me on to this place a while ago and ever since then it’s been on my radar as one of Houston’s hidden gems. Plus, it’s small, so you won’t stick out too badly if you’re dining alone after being stood up.

The End Is Nigh
The 2010 edition of the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo is rapidly approaching its finale. This year, Brooks and Dunn will be playing at Reliant Stadium for their final time as this is their last Rodeo tour. Sure, we all know that they have as much chance of staying retired as Brett Favre, but let’s be nice and humor them anyway. Their concert is actually your last chance to head out to the Rodeo this year, unless you were lucky enough to score tickets to the sold out teeny bop fest of Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber. I don’t know who those kids are, but apparently a lot of people do. Either way, Houston’s biggest party is coming to an end, no matter what Robert Earl Keen says.

Green Eggs and Ham
As I continue to recover from my three day hangover that is the aftermath of St. Patrick’s Day, the lone bright spot is that Saturday allows me the chance to sample the brunch fare at Laurenzo’s Grille. This begs the question, can one recover from a hangover until one partakes in brunch? I think not, and therefore I blame my extended stay in bed, not on the massive quantities of green beer imbibed, but instead, on the restaurant industry, for not supplying me with the necessary cure for my malady: brunch. While I haven’t eaten at Laurenzo’s yet, I drive by it everyday and I’m quite intrigued. When I found out that they serve prime rib with three eggs on the brunch menu, I was sold. The only problem is that the weekend can’t get here fast enough. “TGIF” as the kids are saying these days.

— Marc


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