March 26th, 2010

The Procrastinator’s Plan 3.26.10

This has been a rough week for your friendly, neighborhood procrastinator, but, ever true to my duty to serve my loyal readers [crickets chirping], I’ve gathered a collection of ideas for your weekend plans. Unfortunately, as I do this, I’m sitting in a crappy hotel room in Weehawken, NJ (don’t ask) and all I can think of is making this a very Texas weekend. I’ve had enough of these Yankees. I need some southern hospitality – no I don’t mean JT’s restaurant… shudder – and an ice cold Shiner. Will you save one for me?

Let’s Get Serious!
On a serious note, the Road Show Blondes will be staging an event at the University Center Satellite on the University of Houston Campus to promote suicide awareness and prevention TODAY. If you’re able to, head over and join them. The event starts at 10:30AM and we’re not telling what it is, but it sure to raise some eyebrows. It’s all part of a good cause as the precursor to their road trip from Houston to New York which will raise awareness and funds for the Jed Foundation. The Loop Scoop has chosen to get involved with this project because it’s a cause that is near and dear to our hearts. If you’re not able to make it out to the event, you can always make a monetary donation to the trip. Even more fun, come up with a diabolical event/stunt and pay donate enough money to force them to do it. All the proceeds benefit the Jed Foundation.

Let’s Get Naked!
You’ve read the preview, you’re eagerly anticipating the interview and you’ve got your tickets, right? Friday night offers the chance to see one of Houston’s favorite sons, Cory Morrow, at The Firehouse. One of the Lone Star State’s most talented singer songwriters (and that’s really saying something), Morrow brings his brand of music and his electric live show to the intimate venue just outside the loop. Morrow, a self professed goofball, will put you at ease and relate to the goofy side in you no matter how serious you take yourself. The show will be both memorable and fun, guaranteed. Never heard his music? He’ll make sure that you’re humming along by the time the night is over.

Let’s Get Drunk!
This weekend marks my favorite national holiday: Frontier Fiesta. Okay, so it might not be national holiday, but it was my favorite part of my college experience. I forgot so much during the three day festival that it actually helped me stay in school for 9 years. I don’t think I ever passed a class during the spring semester (I have no convenient excuses for failing the fall’s courses)! But it’s all in the name of fun having and beer drinking and BBQ eating. The event is put on by a dedicated group of students and advisors every year and is open to students, alumni and the general public (yes, all of you fall into one of those categories). Dubbed the “Greatest College Show on Earth” by Life Magazine, it serves as a showcase for the University’s students.Here’s to hoping that I don’t cut off any appendages while slicing brisket. I’ve only got 9 fingers left. I’d say that I’d keep my fingers crossed, but it’s hard to do without an index finger. Of course, so is picking your nose.

Schedule some me time!
If you’re anything like me, people piss you off. After a hard week at work, the last thing that you want to do is spend time out and about dealing with stupid people. Instead of going out for brunch, why not make breakfast in bed… well, you can’t technically make it in bed unless you have a portable griddle or an amazing girlfriend (hint, hint- three eggs, toast and bacon – love you, honey) but you could get up, cook breakfast and then jump back under the sheets. Grab the weekend edition of the paper, a trashy romance novel (I’m all about the Danielle Steele) or a crossword puzzle and spend some time relocating your center. That is not what I meant! Get your mind out of the gutter.

— Marc


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