March 5th, 2010

The Procrastinator’s Plan 3.5.10

Hooray, it’s national procrastination week and we’re doin’ it up in style with another agenda for all you last minute planners. While some would say that procrastination is bad, we’re all about embracing it. Celebrate your faults, preferably with a beer or two. Besides, we gave up planning for lent…

Doing It Doggystyle
Most Saturday’s, my girlfriend and I like to take the pooch to one of the dog parks around Houston. It’s great to get outside and sniff some butts and pee on things. My dog has fun, too. This Saturday, we’ll be taking the little monster up to the airport for the SPCA annual Mutt Strut and Runway Race. Whether you overachieve and run the runway with your pet or just take a leisurely stroll, you’ll be benefiting man’s best friend and the great mission of the SPCA. Hurry, because you have to register for the event and while it is free, I strongly urge you to find some sponsors. If you can’t make it, you can always make a donation. Don’t make me play the Sarah McLachlan video for you!

Orange You Glad I Didn’t Say Banana (or have one in my pants)?
The weather’s been improving steadily and Saturday is supposed to be amazing, so take advantage the beautiful day to head up to Houston’s art treasure, the Orange Show. They will be hosting their season opener Saturday from 1PM to 4PM at the Orange Show Monument. This is a free event, so invite your friends and tell them it’s on you. Located at 2402 Munger St., the Monument extols the virtues of creator Jeff McKissack’s favorite fruit and is one of Houston’s most unique landmarks. In addition to the Orange Show Monument, they also maintain Houston’s Beer Can House and put on the Art Car Parade.

Don’t ask me what a wonderwall is, but I do know that the water wall is a great place for a picnic. Pack a basket with some sandwiches, steal the table cloth from your local italian place and head outside for lunch. With the weather scheduled to cooperate on Saturday, it’ll be a great time head over to Memorial Park or Discovery Green for some fun in the sun. Lay down a blanket and enjoy the sun and some home made food while doing some people watching, reading or bring some friends for a game of catch. Just get out of the house and leave your mother alone. She needs some “mommy” time. Hopefully not in the back of a Sienna.

Silent Bob Speaks, But Only Southwest Knows If He’s Too Fat to Fly
Kevin Smith will be bringing his portly self to the House of Blues this Friday night to promote his new movie, Cop Out, and talk about all things Kevin Smith-y. While his movies have inspired a cult like following, Smith’s amiable nature and wit have kept his peeps intrigued and interested. Venturing into new territory with his recent release (think Lethal Weapon with 60% less action), it will be interesting to see what he’s got to say. Be prepared for the overzealous Smith worshipers who will dress up in trench coats and backwards ball caps. While he’s got to be one of the biggest nerds ever, he’s funny enough that even your girlfriend will laugh. Introduce her to him and maybe she won’t make fun of your comic book collection. You can save yourself a seat here. Hopefully, he doesn’t get kicked off of the plane on the way here. While you’re at the HOB, check out the Foundation Room, all the cool kids are doing it.

Stalin versus the Volcano
The Russians are coming. The Russians are coming.” Now does anyone remember if it’s one or two if they come by land? No, this isn’t the classic *snicker* movie Red Dawn, it’s the second annual Russian Festival at the Volcano, which will take place on Sunday, March 7th. Starting at 3PM, there will be Russian food, beer and music provided by the Flying Balalaika Brothers, not to be confused with cousin Balky. There might be just a touch of vodka, as well. It will be a celebration of all things Russian, except mail order brides. We just got word that they got lost in transit. I hope someone remembered to poke holes in their boxes.

— Marc


Paul — Friday, March 5, 2010 8:08 am

Why is Kevin Smith even flying Southwest. Clerks had to have made some money down the line, right?

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