May 7th, 2010

The Procrastinator’s Plan 3.7.10

This weekend showcases one of the events in Houston that I look forward to every year. The Orange Show’s Art Car Parade is internationally known (to rock the microphone) and is one of the uniquely Houston events that makes this city so great. Austin might try to be weird, but Houston just is and all you have to do is look at the cars that will be making their way down Allen Parkway to get a taste of it.

One of these days, I’m going to stop procrastinating and get busy making a Loop Scoop Car. Now if only I had taken shop in high school instead of Home Ec. The Art Car Parade is one of the coolest events in the country. Austin, can you top that? I think not… and I don’t even want to hear anything about SXSW, because they sold out to the man a long time ago! Not to mention the fact that they denied the procrastinator’s plea for a press pass… as if!

Male, Middle-Class and White
I know that I’m dating myself (like a time stamp, not some weird “me” time, man-date) but Brick came out when I was a senior in high school and it was one of those songs that didn’t sound like anything else on the radio at that time. I remember singing along to his out of tune warbling and being amazed by his vivid ability to tell a story. Ben Folds still doesn’t sound like anything else on the radio, which, in an age of Britney and Bieber, is probably a good thing. While I may not be able to find my old Ben Folds albums, I’m definitely looking forward to seeing the Dana Carvey look alike in concert as, instead of rocking the suburbs, he brings his piano to downtown Houston and the House of Blues. And I really hope he pulls another Merton-like stunt with Chatroulette.

The Weekend of Art Car Parade
The world’s largest Art Car Parade takes on a life of it’s own this weekend. The city will be alive with the sound of… engines and exhaust. Check out the Art Car Sneak Peak from 6 to 9PM at Discovery Green for a chance to preview the cars that will be taking part in this year’s parade. On Saturday, the cars start lining up at Taft and Allen Parkway at 9AM and spectators are encouraged to come out and get an up close and personal look at the cars. The Parade kicks off at 1PM and it meanders it’s way down Allen Parkway. Find a seat anywhere along Allen Parkway from Taft to Bagby. It’s a free event, but if you want to VIPit, you can purchase Adult tickets to the official party of the Houston Art Car Parade for $125. The party offers an up close and personal view of the cars and features a deluxe picnic lunch from some of Houston’s best restaurants. In addition, shaded bleacher seating, fun family activities, gift bags and live entertainment make VIPit THE place to be on parade day. But don’t delay because the registration for the party closes at 11AM on Saturday. If you admire what the Orange Show and what it means to Houston as much as I do, think about supporting them financially and become a member.

We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Labels, Just Beer
This Saturday marks the first No Label Tasting out at their new brewery, and I’m lucky enough to have gotten my hands on an invitation. I’ll be packing snacks and lots of water in order to make the three day trek out to the Silos in Old Town Katy. Alright, you got me, it might not take three days, but it literally feels like another world. That’s probably just my inner loop snobbery speaking, but take it as you will. I’m psyched to get another chance to try some of the great beer from Houston’s newest brewery and plan on stocking up on pint glasses and tshirts. If you brew it, they will come. If you weren’t lucky enough to secure an invitation, have no worries, I’m sure that Brian will document the tasting for the First Sip. If you are interested in catching No Label, later in the month Brian will also be speaking at Petrol Station on Tuesday, May 18th. It’s just part of the fun and exciting events that Petrol Station is putting on for Craft Brewers Week. The week will feature talks from a wide range people involved in the beer brewing business. You can find more information here.

Mother’s Day Brunch
The worst thing about Mother’s Day is that it isn’t a set day every year. It’s much easier to remember days when they happen on the same day. I mean, I can always remember my birthday and Christmas, right? Maybe that’s just because I get presents. Maybe my mom should get me presents on Mother’s Day and then I’ll be sure to remember it. Luckily, corporate America starts running commercials three months out in anticipation and the date has been drilled into my head. Since my mom isn’t in Houston, I can’t take her out to brunch. But if she were, I would take her to a nice breakfast, where she would eat half a table spoon of cottage cheese and some fruit and then say she was full. Oh well. It’s the thought that counts, right? So Happy Mother’s Day, Mom and enjoy your cottage cheese. For all you loopsters with mother’s in town, make sure you take them out for a nice brunch. I don’t even know where, but just do it. They put up with you your whole life, it’s the least you can do. Well, not me, I was a perfect angel.

— Marc


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