April 23rd, 2010

The Procrastinator’s Plan 4.23.10

So I was driving home last night and I realized that RSVP713 had invaded my neighborhood with a billboard. I saw the prominent piece of metropolitan art just before the Shepherd/Durham exit on I-10 and instantly knew the best way to promote The Loop Scoop. I immediately called my mom to see if I could dress her up and put her on a billboard, but she wasn’t having it. Maybe I can get my grandma to do it.

I don’t know how vain you have to be to erect a billboard with a 20 foot picture of yourself, but they share the billboard with Houston’s master of self promotion, Shaun Kelley. I don’t have any clue what he does, but I definitely know his name, so I checked out his website, which says that“In just 30 hours, spread over 60 sessions, 5 times a week for 90 days, I guarantee you will look better, feel better, and be pleased with your achievement.” I don’t really understand what that means because all those numbers are confusing, but I think he’s offering to do something to make me feel better about myself?! Maybe the point is that he’s working with the girls at RSVP713 on how to write at a middle school level? I keed, I keed. Well, maybe not.

Off with the rant and on to the last minute planning…

Bar Light, Bar Bright
So my girlfriend made the admission that she can’t think of Starlight nursery rhyme without thinking about the song “Bar Light.” I don’t know if I’m more scared for her or our future children. Either way, she’ll get a chance to hear the new version on Friday Night as Bandera’s favorite Playboy, Charlie Robison, brings his good time music to the Firehouse. You might recall that Robison’s Beautiful Day made our list of best Texas Album’s for 2009. While it’s a little more personal than some of his earlier works, it’s a damn good album that will still get you in the groove. Charlie’s at his best when he’s mixing with his sharp wit, which comes out The best thing about seeing Charlie Robison live is that you never know what he’ll say. I know that The Loop Scoop isn’t the Enquirer(though we try our damnedest to emulate them), but did you hear the Robison recently came out of the closet?

Ebony and Ivory
One of Houston’s greatest attributes is its diversity. If Texas Country isn’t your scene, head over to see two of Houston’s favorite sons, Chamillionaire & Paul Wall, at the House of Blues. The two rappers have put the feud of their younger years behind them and reunited for a month of shows. After kicking things off at Austin’s South by Southwest, they are wrapping up their “In Love with My Money” tour in their hometown. Performing a full set together, the show offers a great chance to see two H-town rappers . With as much buzz as there is around this show, you won’t want to miss it and with all the talent in Houston, you never know just who might show up. You can get your tickets hereĀ  so you don’t miss any of the excitement

Red and White
Hi, not only am I a Procrastinator I’m an addict as well (This is when you say “Hi, Procrastinator”… yes, out loud at your desk!). So maybe my vice isn’t liquor or drugs, but I think football is a stronger addiction and what’s more, there’s an off season! At least you can score drugs whenever you need to. During the offseason, there’s no way to get my fix! There’s only so many times that I can watch the games that I Tivo’d last year, although I still go crazy every time Matt Hogan’s 51 yard field goal goes through. So you can imagine that I’ll be smiling from ear to ear on Saturday as I drive down to Robertson Stadium for the University of Houston’s Red and White Spring Football game. Coach Kevin Sumlin has brought an excitement back to Houston Football that hasn’t been seen since Jenkins was splicing nudie pictures into his game films! The gates open at 11 and the game kicks off at noon, but most importantly, the tailgating lots open at 8AM. I’ll see ya’ll bright and early. Bloody Mary, anyone? Check the UH website for more information.

Earth Day at the Zoo
The Waste Management Earth Day takes place this Saturday and Sunday from 9AM to 3PM at the Houston Zoo, which begs the question, “Could you get a better Sponsor?” I think not. Although, if The Loop Scoop had sponsored it, we could have give out poop scoops! No, the bathroom humor never gets old! Activities this year will include the recycling Relay Race, an environmental maze, and a re-usable giant coloring mural. There will also be plenty of fun and educationas booths highlighting what the Zoo and other Houston-area non-profit organizations are doing to help save our planet.

Pub Crawl Benefiting the SPCA
“Who let the dogs out” can mean a lot of things on Washington Ave. these days, but Saturday offers a great chance to get out on Washington and support the dogs in process. No, this isn’t neutering of the douchebags (though I would support that, too) that populate the street. It’s a pub crawl to benefit the Houston SPCA. You can register for $25 in advance or $35 dollars on Saturday and the event sign up starts a noon at The Lot. The crawl takes place from 1 to 6PM and the destinations include The Lot, Sawyer Park, Salt, The Social and Pearl Bar. Drinking for charity is definitely something that I can get behind, unlike the pub crawl flyer, which shows a poor little kitty in a cage. The animals get me every time! So pound a few beers and then go adopt something furry.

— Marc


caroline — Friday, April 23, 2010 7:48 pm

i hope to god i am nothing like those crazy old rsvp713 ladies when i’m in my 60s!

limewire — Friday, April 30, 2010 6:38 am

lol cool story man.

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