April 30th, 2010

The Procrastinator’s Plan 4.30.10

Music is a funny thing. Growing up, I listened to the folk rock of my parents. Peter, Paul and Mary; Simon and Garfunkel; James Taylor. To this day, I still listen to a lot of the musicians that we’d play in the car during family road trips. It’s music that endures. As I got older, I started listening to my own music. I can’t say that I always had the best taste in what I listened to, and some of it was just downright awful. Looking back, I cringe when I think of some of the tapes I owned as a kid. Cinderella and Skid Row? Will anyone even remember these guys in another 20 years? Did anyone else get an “F” on their spelling test because they spelled leopard like it’s spelled in Def Leppard? Can I retroactively bump that up to a “D” if I claim it’s the British spelling? I’m ashamed to say that I even owned a Nelson tape. Luckily, Houston’s diverse music scene offers some redemption. And believe me, when it comes to music, I have a lot of sins that need atoning. Last week, I had the pleasure of catching the Runaway Sun show at the Continental Club. This week, there’s a bunch of musical happenings in the Bayou City that the procrastinator is keeping you apprised of. Whether it’s an opportunity to take the stage with a punk rock band or be immortalized in a music video, it’s happening here in Houston.

American Idle
Growing up, my dream was to front a rock band. Unfortunately, I grew up in the 80’s, so my plan was to grow my hair out and front a cheesy hair metal band. Laugh all you want, but it worked for Vince Neil. The only problem with my dream was that I had about as much musical talent as one of my G.I. Joe action figures. At least I got the cross dressing part down… oh wait… did I say that out loud? Friday Night, the Big Star Bar finally gives all of us aspiring rock stars the chance to live our fantasies and take the stage as a lead singer for Punk Rock Karaoke. Break out the old torn jeans, combat boots and get your hairspray ready because you’ll be the star of the show with a live band playing your favorite Punk songs. For the two or three minutes that the songs last, you’ll be able take to the stage and rock out with your… socks on. You think anyone would mind if I wore my Warrant Cherry Pie T-shirt?

Release the Hounds
HRstrut is celebrating the release of their third album, Feels Like Flight, this Saturday at Rudyard’s. Not only is the music worth checking out, they’re also giving away prizes. Does it get better than listening to music and having the possibility to win something? I think not. DuneTX will be opening the show and Westheimer Block Party alumni Alkari will take the stage after HRstrut, who will go on at 11:00 p.m..

Party Like a Rock Star
So maybe party isn’t the right word, but the up and coming, nationally recognized band, Pale, is looking for extras for their video shoot for their latest single, “Catastrophic Skies.” Come be a part of something that could very possibly put Houston music on the national (or even international) map…in a BIG way. There will be two shoots, one on Saturday and another on Sunday. Both will start at 11:00 a.m. and will take place at 516 Schweikhardt Street in Houston. (Map)To confirm your commitment or to receive any additional information, email Pale’s production contact at:


Who can participate?
ANYONE! So if you are between the ages of 1 and 100…PALE wants you!

Video Concept:
The end of present-day BS has come and gone and the musicians are trying to take back from corporate America the freedom and true purpose of music. You will be portraying citizens in a compound consisting of musicians and artists (from all walks of life) that are willing to fight for the freedom from what corporate America sees as “talent” and what they believe makes success.

Wanna be a part of it?
We thought so! Check out the following details and please make sure to confirm (via the provided email address) how many of you will participate.

Who Pale needs:
- Men and women, boys and girls, or babies (all ages, all sizes)
- People available for an all day commitment

What to bring:
- Black (or dark brown) outfits or light, earth toned, hippie infused outfits (think costume/clothing that is Mad Max, post-apocalyptic influenced and remember…the more creative, the more likely you’ll be seen). Production is asking, if you have it, that you bring several clothing options so wardrobe can mix and match if necessary. If that’s not an option, no biggie.
- No labels or logos
- Any musical instruments that you might have lying around, functioning or not
- Sun block and an umbrella (the weather may be tricky)
- Be hair and makeup ready
- Something to sit on that can easily be kept out of the way during filming

— Marc


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