May 14th, 2010

The Procrastinator’s Plan 5.14.10

We here at the Loop Scoop have defined our cause as celebrating what’s great about Houston, but sometimes things happen in the Bayou City that just stink. Like poop. This week included one such event as the Texans’ Defensive Rookie of the Year, Brian Cushing, was suspended for the first four games of the 2010 season for violating the leagues substance abuse policies. He claims that he didn’t take PED’s, but so do all of the athletes who test positive

I was having lunch with a friend today and we got to talking about it. I still hold that if you are unable to play a game well enough to make it to the highest levels without performance enhancing drugs, then you’ve got to move on to pursue something else. It’s something that most of us have had to deal with and accept at one point in our lives. Yes, I realize how much money these athletes make, but I’ve seen the Lyle Alzado’s and Ken Caminiti’s. What good is all that money if you aren’t around to enjoy it or if you have to compromise your morals, values and ethics to make it?

Procrastinator, M.D.
Diarrhea, abdominal pain and cramping, ulcers and blood in your poop do not a pretty picture make. But for the estimated 1.4 million people who suffer from Inflammatory Bowel Disease, this is a harsh reality. You might think that because you are not an M.D. like the procrastinator, that you can’t do anything to help (Alright, so I might not be a Doc, but I play one on a Website!!). But you would be wrong. While you may not be smart enough to find a cure, you can raise money by killing braincells… uh, I mean, drinking, so that smart people can find a cure.

This Saturday, May 15th, Team Challenge will host a charitable Pub Crawl on Washington Ave. The event sign up starts at noon at Salt Bar and the Pub Crawl runs from 1 to 6. You can also purchase tickets in advance at Advance tickets are $25 and they are $35 the day of the pub crawl. Team Challenge is working with the Washington Hospitality Group, in order to raise awareness and crucial funding for their programs, patient resources and research. This means that the stops will include The Lot, Sawyer Park, Salt Bar, Pearl Bar and The Social.

For all of the dummies in the world, and I include myself in this category, isn’t it great to know that making yourself dumber will help someone else? Because, at the end of the day, all that really matters is helping others… poop, because everybody does it.

Montrose Art Society’s Grand Opening
Thanks to a tip on our Facebook page, the Procrastinator was apprised of the Montrose Art Society’s Grand Opening this Saturday. Founded by 10 artists from all over the globe, The Montrose Art Society, located at 3207 Montrose Blvd., will facilitate regular events and gatherings centered on the arts. On Saturday, they will be showcasing new works by the Gallery’s Artists as well as new artists that the gallery will be representing this season. The exhibition will open at 7:15PM and run until 10PM. There will be art, poetry, music and a viewing of Redentor III, by artist Andre Amaral. For further information, contact the Society at 713-483-4177 or or visit or

Afternoon Delight
The best part about brunch is that you can still get it late in the afternoon, which means not having to get up early. With a myriad of things to do on a weekend night in Houston, the last thing the procrastinator wants to do is get up before noon. If your looking for a place that serves brunch later than most, hit up either Ziggy’s location, Montrose or downtown. They serve comfort food that’s healthy, so after a long night of debauchery, you’ll be able to look at yourself in the mirror again. They also support local food providers, featuring organic beef and eggs from a local farm and whole wheat and multi grain breads from a local baker.

Beer Me
I hate to admit it, but I have been having erotic dreams about the rancor burger at Petrol Station. I realize that if I eat them too often, I’ll turn into a revolting fat blob, but that doesn’t stop me from craving them nightly. My dreams literally result in my waking up, chewing on the pillow. This week, I might just live at Petrol Station as they will be celebrating National Craft Brewers Week with nightly talks from a variety of brewers. The schedule shakes out like this: Monday: Real Ale; Tuesday: No Label; Wednesday: Independence; Thursday: (512) and Foam Rangers discussing home brewing and Southern Star on Friday. The talks kick off at 7PM each night.

— Marc


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