May 21st, 2010

The Procrastinator’s Plan 5.21.10

The Procrastinator was all set to head to Temple, Texas this weekend to see Cory Morrow at the Roots and Brew fest, but the boss lady put the kibosh on that. Apparently, I forgot to tell her we were going until the last minute. That sure doesn’t sound like something you would expect from someone who writes a column called the procrastinator’s plan, does it? It seems that you have to make reservations for the little pooch at the vet in advance or else they get booked up, who knew! Actually, the problem was that I didn’t confirm the trip with her. I told her four weeks ago that I wanted to go see my buddy and his new wife, but she didn’t know that I was serious. Oh well, I guess I’ll just have to live and learn, though I am bummed I’m missing a Cory show!

The past few weekends have kept me going nonstop, so it will be a nice change of pace to have a calm and relaxing weekend out by the pool. I’ve got the meat for the grill marinating and the beer is already iced down and waiting for five o’clock. The only way to get a hold of me this weekend will be on the Coconut Telegraph (that was for my parrothead crew who are reading this at home because they had a little too much fun with Mr. Buffet last night.) Who knows, maybe you’ll see me out there.

Fast Drying Shorts are My Fantasy
I know it may come as a shock to you, but the Procrastinator isn’t known as the world’s most fashionable guy, but I am making an effort to improve that and have decided that from now on, I’m going to rock these everyday.  Check out the commercial video and you’ll see that they’re multifunctional, look amazing with a jacket and tie and enable you to keep a steaming hot piece of pizza in your back pocket. What more could you ask for? I’ve gotten one of each of the styles to get me through the week, but my favorites are the Coronado print, cause nothing says tough like multiple skulls with crossed swords on your shorts. I’m already turning heads in the office, and after only one week I got an email from HR. Methinks that promotion that I’ve been waiting on for the last 4 years, 7 months and 4 days is finally going to happen. Not only do these shorts make a fashion statement, but they’re practical on top of it. Now, if a tsunami hits Houston, my phone will be safe and that means I can rest easy.

Uno Mas, por favor
Usually when I’m asking for uno mas, it means I’ve already had one too many and the only thing that I really need is a pillow to put over my head so that I don’t cause myself any further embarrassment. The one exception to this is when I’m grubbing at Laredo Taqueria. I was turned onto this place by my good friend Cesar, and even though he’s Venezuelan, he has yet to be wrong about Mexican food in Houston. The first time we met there, I was sure he had given me the wrong directions. My suspicions only deepened as I sat and waited for him. This is the guy who took me to Hugo’s. He wouldn’t be caught dead in this place. But, as hard as it is to believe, I was wrong. Not only did he eat at Laredo, he ate there religiously. Once inside, I knew why. It brought to mind the mexican joints I remembered from when I lived in El Paso. And once I tried the food, I was having full on flashbacks. Laredo is definitely not Pappasito’s or Guadalajara – one of those places that spends as much time on the atmosphere as they do on the food. It’s a no frills place that’s takes great pains to provide you with damn good food; not kitschy decorations. And it’s that commitment to the food that makes me crave it! For a weekend outside, you can rush in and grab some taco’s for a picnic in the park or to munch on by the pool. Or after a long day in the sun, you can step in and have a quick dinner without going home and sprucing up and no one will look at you funny, which means it’s good in my book! Of course, with my snazzy fast drying shorts, concerns about being underdressed are a thing of the past.

Life on the Fringe
I first learned about the Houston Fringe Festival after a friend invited me to a Grown-Up Storytime event at Rudyard’s (they go on every third Wednesday of the month, by the way.) It was through my investigation into this Storytime that I stumbled on the Fringe Festival. BooTown has put together five days of art, theater and “anything else they can get their hands on” for your enjoyment. There are only three days left for 2010’s schedule. Make your way to Avant Garden, Boheme Cafe and Wine Bar, Hope Stone Center, Museum of Culture Arts, Houston, Obsidian Art Space, Dean’s Credit Clothing, you know what? It would probably just be easier on you and me both if you check out the schedule the Houston Fringe Festival is promoting. Basically, you shouldn’t be surprised if you stumble upon an event or three this weekend if you’re going to be roaming around Houston. All I’m trying to do is prepare you or maybe even inspire you to find your way to Houston’s fringes on purpose for some original theatre productions or other performance arts. I wouldn’t point you in the wrong direction. I promise…

A Big Shack Attack
Burgers are meant to be enjoyed outside. which is why I have to say that the Shake Shack burger in NYC is my favorite burger of all time. A literal shack in one corner of the park, there is no inside seating. Rain or shine, you are forced to enjoy the delectable burgers outside. As most New Yorkers know, there is nothing better than sitting outside in the park on a warm summer day and enjoying the amazing burgers and custard. Since this leads to quite a wait, the website offers a shack cam that enables you to see how long the line is and gauge the wait time. I know, I know… about this time you must be thinking, “Why is this bastard talking about a burger that is 2,000 miles away?” While I can’t bring the burgers to you and a trip to Madison Square Park in Manhattan might not be in the cards anytime soon, I can clue you in on a recipe that will help you recreate these amazing burgers for your own back yard get together. Check out the burger lab at A Hamburger Today for detailed instructions on how to recreate the infamous Shake Shack Burger. It will take a little extra work, but the burgers will be so good that people will be begging you to go into business. Now, if only we could get a recipe for their custard, we could make that happen.

Countdown to Launch, T Minus 34 Hours
We had a review of the Wild Moccasins’ EP back in January when we took a look at all of the music we’d bought during 2009. At the time we were already looking forward to what one of Houston’s most promising bands was going to be able to accomplish. Well, that time is now as the Wild Moccasins ramp up for their album release party to start the weekend. Friday, starting at 9PM, the group has invited Roky Moon + Bolt and Giant Princess to their release party at Walter’s on Washington. Trust me, this is going to be worth skipping date night or trips out to the parents’ house just to check in to show them that you’re alive and kicking. Being reminded that you’re alive and kicking while rocking out to some native tunes is always a better option than that. For a taste of what’s to come tonight night check out the single Wild Moccasins released, “Skin Collision Past.“  If that doesn’t get your live-music-blood boiling, I don’t know what will.

— Marc


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