May 28th, 2010

The Procrastinator’s Plan 5.28.10

Ahh… a long weekend in the Houston summer heat. There’s no better way to enjoy the extended free time in Houston than kicking back with some friends and enjoying a cookout, heading to your favorite ice house or sampling some gumbo. Memorial Day marks the beginning of summer, so get outside and enjoy the weather and the Texas camaraderie.

Kay Bob-
Pronounced like the name Kay Bob in Texas – just like Joe Bob or Bob Bob for our folks on the inbred side of the family tree. There is no better way to eat your meat than on a stick. Actually, it’s a widely accepted fact in Texas that there are two ways food should be served: fried or on a stick. Just check out the culinary offerings at the State Fair to see the truth of this. And I don’t want any lip about turkey legs… they come with natural built in sticks! If you can shove a stick in something and then fry… even better (See:Corndog). Do your part to launch the next great food fad by serving whatever you want on a stick at your Memorial Day cookout. Whether you’re grilling on the cheap and asking people to bring their own meat or going all out to wine and dine your friends, kabobs can be your simple solution to a delicious meal. Make sure you give yourself time to marinade the meat and that everyone wears sunglasses, you don’t want any eyeballs ending up on the skewers after a few beers.

What’s in a Name?
If you’re like me, you always wonder when you see bands like MGMT or grunge tribute groups headlining shows at the House of Blues. I know, the blues is everywhere, I think Nevermind, a tribute band to Nirvana, might be stretching it, just a little. This weekend, the HOB stays true to it’s roots, showcasing the Robert Cray Band on Saturday night. After hanging out in the Foundation room last night, I can vouch for the place and the staff. They take care of you and make sure you and your friends are not left wanting. Of course, depending on who’s picking up the tab at the end of the night, that’s not always a good thing. While you won’t mistake the HOB for a smoky old blues joint on the Mississippi Delta, if you close your eyes and give in to the music, Robert Cray will do his best to bring you some Trouble & Pain.” Saturday will definitely be a good day for the blues. The doors open at 7:30 and the show kicks off at 8:30. Get your tickets here.


Stars Fall on Alabama
As we get ready for summer, there is no better place in the city to celebrate the heat than West Alabama Ice House. A neighborhood hang out that welcomes all comers, the only difficulty lies in the parking. And even that all depends on the way you look at things. I’m a glass half full kinda guy, so for me, the parking situation just gives me an excuse to sneak out of work and get there early or jump in a cab. While some of our staff want to relive their middle school glory years on the basketball court, I prefer to belly up to the bar, close to the ice cold beer, and drink myself silly. Is there a better way to enjoy a holiday weekend? Hi I’m the Procrastinator and I have a problem… I’m not at the West Alabama Ice House, yet.


Under the Gumbo Volcano
For two years, I’ve partnered with a team of chefs to try to take home the top prize at Volcano’s annual Gumbo Cook-Off. My participation is usually limited to standing around in an unsoiled apron drinking beer. There has usually been no need for my help, mostly because I would only be a hindrance to the process. Apparently, the art of pickle-stacking a Big Mac is of no use in the construction of an artful gumbo recipe. So, now I concentrate on trying to promote the event in the hopes of recruiting people to vote in favor of the deliciousness that my friends create. This year is going to be different. This year HAS TO BE different. Come out to the event. Eat some gumbo. Vote for our team. Listen to the live music of Fred Rusk and the Zydeco Hi-Steppers. Do some good for the community (all proceeds benefit WELLSPRINGS, a shelter for abused women). But mostly just come to vote for us. Houston, we’re worth it…

— Marc


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