July 22nd, 2010

The Procrastinator’s Plan 7.22.10

Unfortunately, I’ve been away from home this past week, mastering the art of negotiation and jedi mind tricks, which are all part of The Loop Scoop’s far reaching goals of taking over the galaxy. While I haven’t been in another galaxy, after a week without sleeping on my own pillow or in my own bed, it’s beginning to feel like that. When people find out that I travel a lot for work, they are always envious, thinking that I must be off having the time of my life on these trips. Everyone loves to travel in theory, but I can attest to the fact that isn’t much fun when you’re forced to do it.

Flight delays, traffic jams and getting lost because you have no idea where you are going aren’t necessarily my preferred way to spend my time. I’m actually pretty much a homebody, preferring to stay home with my girlfriend and watch a movie on the couch. With that in mind, here are some ideas to take advantage of Houston this weekend while I travel to a galaxy, far, far away.

Discover What Yellow and Blue Make
Yes, it’s hot. It’s summer and it’s Houston, but don’t let that keep you in doors. Head down to Discovery Green with a blanket and a picnic basket. Got kids? Bring a soccer ball or a Frisbee. Like to smoke weed? Then bring a hackey sack. The little park that’s tucked away in downtown is a great destination for everyone. They even have a dog run for Fido. You can lay out on the lawn and get some color or let the kids swing like monkeys in the playground. If you’re too lazy to pack the picnic basket, they’ve got you covered at The Grove, where they are serving up hotdogs and hamburgers. If the idea of sitting outside is a little too common and you’re highfallootin’ then make a reservation at (restaurant at disco green). The food is good, but the atmosphere and the view from inside are stellar. It’s got a nice open feel that almost makes you think you are sitting in a park. Hmmm. I wonder where that idea came from.

Don’t Sit Fido!!
Never one to forget man’s best friend, we haven’t left Fido out of consideration for spending some time outdoors. If you’re dog needs a little more room than the smallish dog runs in Discovery Green, head over to the Westpark Dog Run, just off the West Loop. Always busy, your best friend will enjoy lounging by the luxurious pool or urinating on one of the many fake fire hydrants. What’s the deal with those any way? Split into two sides for small dogs and big dogs, the small dog run offers a shaded area with benches, if you forgot to bring your chair. There are also shady spots in the grass, but I’m always wary where I sit, if you know what I mean. After a long day of play, Rex is always a little messy, so we always make sure to hose him off in the dog wash stations. I swear these people have thought of everything. Now, if only we could get a hotdog stand out there!

She Left Me for Hayes Carll
A few years back, a buddy of mine joined Hayes Carll on the road as his lead guitarist. Hilarity and drunkenness ensued. The last time that I saw Carll play was at The Mucky Duck just a little over four years ago. Drunkenness ensued on that night, but I remember being wholly entertained by the show. Hayes has a knack for story-telling in between each of his songs. His self-deprecating tales of life on the road may even be the highlight of any performance. On Friday night Hayes Carll comes back to the Duck for two shows. The first starts at 7PM and the second kicks off at 9:30PM. Tickets are $25 a piece for a standing room only show. A word to the wise, depending on how drunk you like your country singers, I’d show up for the early show just in case. You never know how deep he’ll be into a bottle of J&B by the time 9:30 rolls around. Bring your date, but make sure she’s not a two-timer. You don’t want to get ditched for Jesus (video above).

Attention Gamers and Gamettes
In high school, I had a friend that was obsessed with video games and anime. In fact, I can’t think of two things that he liked more than that. If he were still living in Houston (and I suppose, if we still talked) I would be happy to break to him the fact that Arnie Roth is bringing the music of the Final Fantasy franchise to Jones Hall. Roth will conduct the Houston Symphony as videos from each of the games are projected. It sounds delightful. It might even be enough of a draw to get my friend to stop practicing his hadouken for a few hours, throw on the suit he’s had since freshman year and find a spot among the symphony buffs of downtown. The only available tickets right now start at $50 and rocket up to $109 for the evening. Get that tuxedo to the dry cleaners and get to the show (if you have to, where your Final Fantasy t-shirt underneath your tuxedo shirt).

— The Loop Scoop


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