July 1st, 2010

The Procrastinator’s Plan 7.1.10

Whether you were born in the USA or not, every body loves a birthday party.  While it might not be so easy to find a cake big enough to sport the requisite 234 candles, it’s our patriotic duty to go out and celebrate the birth of our nation. While some people get tomorrow off and others don’t have to report to work on Monday, the truly blessed are taking both Friday and Monday off for a much needed four day weekend.  That leaves more than enough time to get out and sample some of the new places that have recently opened up and get some face time at some of our old favorites. Whatever your schedule looks like, if you need some help planning, we’ve got you covered with Fireworks, BBQ and road trips. Does it get any more American than that? This weekend, have fun, get drunk, no trouble.

Day Trip For Some History, Beer, and BBQ
If you’re lucky enough to have Friday off, consider a trip west to visit the Spoetzl Brewery in Shiner, Texas. Make a day of it and visit the brewery in the morning (tour takes about an hour or so), then head a little further west to Gonzales, where Mexican troops were sent to retrieve a small cannon and were told to “Come and Take It“. There is a small museum in Gonzales chronicling those events and the history of the town.

After taking in a little Texas history, you can make your way to Luling for some BBQ at City Market. Not to be confused with the BBQ joint in Houston with a similar name, City Market in Luling has some fantastic barbeque and is a great way to cap off the day before heading back to Houston.

Gotta Make that Cheddar
My sister is getting married on Saturday. This is a joyous occasion to be sure. However, it means that I will miss the Beer and Cheese Festival in the Woodlands. In case you’re unaware, beer and cheese comprise of two thirds of a healthy food pyramid. In fact, there is a beer named Pyramid which just goes to show you that my logic is completely valid. Hubbell & Hudson Market & Bistro is hosting the event which starts on July 3rd at 11AM and runs until 5PM. There is quite the list of brews and cheeses that will be featured on the press release. Among the beer choices, there are a few that even a conneussieur like myself has never heard mentioned. That alone is a good reason to attend. If that’s not enough to draw you to the Woodlands, the entire festival is indoors. Beat the heat with beer and cheese in air-conditioned space? That sounds above average.

Let Freedom Ring
Eleanor Tinsley Park will be home to Houston’s Fourth of July celebration, Freedom over Texas, which takes place this Sunday from 4PM to 10PM and features the nation’s largest land-based fireworks display. Admission to the event is free with the donation of one canned item per person. The canned food donations support the Houston Food Bank. Without the canned food, $8 gets you into the gate. Once inside, consult your event map to make your way to all the activities. Whether it’s the Walmart All American Kids Zone, the Bud Light Zone with it’s view of the Texas Beach Volleyball Championship, or the diverse musical acts on the different stages, there will be plenty for the whole family to enjoy. The musical acts, which are headlined by Pat Green, also feature two chances to see one of the most amazing live acts around, Cowboy Mouth. They’ll be playing on the Freedom Stage at 5:45 and again on the Patriot Stage at 7:45. Jenny says go check them out. Their infectious brand of Nola Rock and the amazing live show will be the highlight of your night.

Spaten Sunday Spawns End of Weekend Solace
With the holiday on Sunday, some of us are getting Friday off, while others are free on Monday. Sure Sunday’s significance is cause for celebration, but for those of us with work on Monday, that same uneasy feeling begins laying claim to the pit of our stomachs some time around noon. Fourth of July or not, it doesn’t change the fact that our weekend is careening off the edge of fun mountain. These feelings might seem unsettling at first, even downright depressing. That is until you remember those magical words, “Sunday Funday.” The phrase comes to us as if some wizard saw the fountain of everlasting joy buried deep in the most unfriendly of rock formations. How did we miss it? However it came to be, one thing is certain, we must exercise its implications to the fullest. What better way to practice that which we preach, than at the Gingerman’s Spaten Sunday? Sit outside and enjoy the delicious German beer for $3.50 a pint from 1:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. in the cozy confines of West U. Ponder aloud amongst your friends how such a simple combination of words has turned the proverbial frown upside down. Who knows, you might even hear some distant fireworks.

— The Loop Scoop


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