August 19th, 2010

The Procrastinator’s Plan 8.19.10

It’s always interesting to see the world through the eyes of a child. With my cousin in town, I got to see what an 11 year old found interesting about Houston. It wasn’t the same things that you or I would, which is a little surprising, as most people accuse me of acting like I’m 11. Besides complaining about the heat, he was more interested in all of the chain restaurants that call Houston home than the any of the unique Houston hotspots. Oh well, at least there were a few things we both could enjoy: Dave and Busters and Marble Slab. Ooh, Ice Cream.

Discover Yoga
Start your weekend off right with body contortions, more popularly known as Yoga, at Discovery Green Park in Downtown Houston. Led by Theater Under the Stars instructor and Yoga legend, Jerry Randall, the free yoga session will be held on the Anheuser-Busch Stage from 9AM to 10AM. Just be careful what you eat on Friday night, you don’t want to downward dog into someone’s face!

Make love to the Soundwaves
Houston’s House Music celebration, The House the Hill Festival, is being held Saturday, August 21, 2010 from 2 PM until 10 PM at Downtown Houston’s Tranquility Park, which is located just North of Houston’s City Hall. House the Hill is an outdoor dance music festival featuring House, Disco, Techno and Electronic music and is being hosted by 2 bunnies. Tickets are available here. They’ll feature 21 DJ’s from around the nation spinning music on 3 stages for 8 hours. They’ll also have arts and crafts and refreshments. The Downtown skyline provides the perfect backdrop for the Festival while you dance the night away. Make sure to bring your glow sticks!

Bosses, Brawlers, Sirens and Spindle Top

I’ve long been fascinated with Roller Derby, ever since I had the chance to see my cousin compete in Austin with the Dairyland Dolls some years back. Lonestar tall boys, cigarettes, loud music and a crowd as mismatched as any street in Houston, clearly I’d been deprived up to that point. Since then I’ve heard repeatedly of the Houston Roller Derby Bouts that happen periodically, hell, I think I’ve even mentioned them in a Regular Scoop. This Saturday marks the second to last home Bout of the season. I can’t make it, because I’ll be in D.C., but I highly encourage anyone else to head to KICKS on Saturday around 5:30 p.m., and if you’ve got the energy after the two bouts, join the crowd afterward at Big Star Bar. Your Saturday evening is taken care. You’re welcome.

Pajama Jammy Jam
If you’re a member of the House of Blues Foundation Room, or lucky enough to know someone who is, this weekend is the second annual Pajama Party. Luckily, I know people in high places, so I’ll be rocking my banana hammock and house shoes all night long! Playful lingerie and pajamas are strongly recommended and they’ll have delicious treats, one very sexy DJ, and other surprises throughout the night. I might be so comfy in my pj’s that I’ll fall asleep right on one of the couches.

A Celebration of KTRU – Straight from the Cactus’ Mouth
Sunday, 8/22 – 2PM-5PM
Summer DJ Session with Clint Broussard of KTRU’s Blues in Hi-Fi

It has truly been a bad week for the music fans of Houston, Texas with the news that KTRU is to be acquired by the University of Houston. Pending FCC approval, the unique programming on 91.7 will come to an end in the next few weeks. Due to the circumstances, we are presenting our scheduled Summer DJ Session with Clint Broussard as a celebration of KTRU. Clint and his show are fine examples of how KTRU benefitted our community. By provided an avid music fan with an interest in broadcasting an opportunity to spin his record collection, H-town was fortunate to enjoy one of the finest shows of roots and blues programming in the country. Blues in Hi-Fi, and other KTRU programs, proved that the best listening in Houston could be found on the left of the dial.

We encourage KTRU listeners, supporters, staffers, DJs, petitioners and music fans to join us in the Record Ranch to listen to some great music in celebration and appreciation of KTRU. As always, we will be providing cold St Arnold beverages for DJ Session attendees.

— The Loop Scoop


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