August 5th, 2010

The Procrastinator’s Plan 8.5.10

By now you probably know that I’m more white cotton underpants than white linen, but this weekend, the Heights is doing it up fancy style for White Linen in the Heights. This annual event brings out the crowd to celebrate the diverse community that calls the Heights home with art, entertainment, shopping, fashion, dining and eclectic bars. As a matter of fact, 75 percent of The Loop Scoop calls the Heights home, so it’s a good bet we’ll be roaming around with cameras and drinks in hand. I’m the lone exception, rebel that I am. I’ll still probably show up in my tighty whitey’s to try out a signature cocktail or two. At least my outfit will keep with one aspect of the theme, for the most part. If you can get the picture of me in my skivvies out of your head and are looking for other great ideas this weekend, look no further.

What Does 15 Minutes of Fame Equate to on the D-List?
Everybody’s favorite D-lister, Kathy Griffin, is going to be heading to Houston for a show at the Verizon Theater. Never has anyone this talented made a living by mocking their fringe celebrity status the way Kathy has. No, Speidi doesn’t count because I said talented. Spitting in the face of conventional Hollywood, where everyone wants to be seen, Griffin has embraced her lack of “popularity” and has built herself into an actual celebrity. While she’s definitely quirky and a little out there, she’s funny and, whether it’s a stand up showor her Bravo hit “My life on the D list,” definitely worth watching. True Story that no one cares about but me: While on vacation in Savannah, the girlfriend and I had lunch at Paula Deen’s restaurant, when, much to our surprise, Paula and her boys showed up, accompanied by Kathy Griffin and Mike MacDonald, with cameramen in tow. They were filming a bit for Kathy’s show where she worked in Paula’s restaurant. Luckily, by that time we had already gotten our food and we didn’t have to worry about Kathy touching it. You never know where those D-listers have been. Score tickets to Kathy’s show through Live Nation They have some pretty good deals, so grab some friends and go.

Red Dead Redemption
You heard all about how we had to forfeit because the girls who played with us were also on another team. Believe me, we stewed about it all week and this Sunday, we’ll be back with girls in tow, we hope. If a Sunday outside is what you’re looking for then the Washington Avenue Drinkery has got you covered. Hop in for a cold beer, bacon wrapped hot dogs or a pizza, and some hot volleyball action. I can promise that I won’t be wearing my fruit of the looms there! The Drinkery opens at 2PM and the volleyball kicks off at 3PM. Unfortunately, if you aren’t currently on a team you’ll just have to watch (unless someone needs extra players…hmm) but you can’t find a better place to spend the last of your weekend.

WordCamp Houston
Houston’s first geeky gathering devoted solely to the popular blogging and content management system WordPress takes place this Saturday at the Houston Museum of Natural Science. Matthew Mullenweg, the founding developer of WordPress and Houston native, will give the keynote address at 9AM. Last I checked, tickets were sold out, but keep your eyes on the WordCamp Houston Website in case something opens up.

I Can’t Belly Dance, I Can’t Walk
Anyone remember that old Genesis tune ’bout dancin’ and walkin’ or rather being unable to do the two? No, well If this describes one of your flaws or one of only one as is my case, dancing being it, then you’re in luck. Head west over to Cafe Byblos just outside the Loop and let the graceful ladies of Bella Donna gyrate and flow with international talent, and save yourself the embarrassment of trying. Dancing is difficult enough as it is, belly dancing and not looking a fool is up there with carving classical sculptures out of granite and driving down Westheimer between six and seven in the evening. Even if the night’s entertainment doesn’t pull you in like it does me, there is always the fine Mediterranean food served at Cafe Byblos With dishes like Kebbeh Nayeh, Akrass Kebbeh, and homemade Sujok it’s certainly worthy of your time.

— The Loop Scoop


Linda Mauro — Saturday, August 7, 2010 5:19 pm

marc, next time I am in Houston, I will look you up. You obviously know what’s happening.

Linda Mauro — Saturday, August 7, 2010 5:21 pm

Marc, When I am in Houston next time, I will look you up. You obviously know what’s happening and what’s good.

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