September 16th, 2010

The Procrastinator’s Plan 9.16.10

The Procrastinator will be heading out to LA this weekend to see the Coogs take on UCLA in the Rose Bowl. I’m not necessarily an LA type of guy, but I’m looking forward to some fun in the sun. It’ll be great to enjoy some temperatures in the 70’s and low humidity. Of course, I’ll have to keep my respirator in my backpack just in case. Here’s hoping I see stars, and not the kind you see when some guy hits you across the head with a baseball bat. Those suck! Via con dios.

What’s at the End of the Rainbow?
As Stephan pointed out yesterday, seasons don’t mean squat. Apparently dates don’t either. Saturday, Lucky’s Pub will be hosting their halfway to St. Patrick’s Day party. They will have the obligatory green beer, 10 bands and DJ’s along with incredible drink specials all day. I don’t know about you, but I’ve had enough green beer to last me until the actual St. Paddy’s day. It might be cool going in, but not coming out, I can assure you. There will be one redeeming quality about the party: there will be real live leprechauns in attendance. If you catch one, make sure you don’t let him go until he tells you where his gold is. For the record, it’s not in his pants. I fell for that once, and no, those were not lucky charms.

Eat’em Up! Eat’em Up!
Lucky’s Pub will be doing double duty on Saturday as they’ll have the UH game on at the back bar. It’s going to be like Christmas with all the green and red running around in that place. For the record, no it is not acceptable to start breaking out the Christmas decorations now. I don’t care if the temperature dropped back to the 90’s and you feel like it’s winter. They’re bringing in stadium seating to accommodate all the Coogs and will run specials like $3 Keenum shots every time the Cougars score. I’ve watched a few games at Lucky’s and I’ve never actually been able to order one because all the waitresses look at me like I’m crazy when I try to. Oh well. Here’s to getting your wasted on!! If Lucky’s isn’t in your neighborhood, UH will also be hosting official watch parties at The Junction Bar & Grill, the Richmond and Sugar Land locations of the Ragin Cajun as well as the Buffalo Wild Wings’ Washington, Wesleyen, and Rice Village locations.

Texas Exes Unite
I’m not a Longhorn but my wife eats, sleeps, and bleeds burnt orange. In preparation for this weekend’s game against Texas Tech (my alma mater) the Texas Exes Happy Hour will be hosted by Liberty Station. The festivities start at 6pm. If you’re a Longhorn (or even if your not) stop by Liberty Station for a beer and be sure to grab a Hubcap Grill burger while you’re there. Ricky is doing some amazing things.

Bosses, Brawlers, Sirens and Spindle Top Revisited
Last month I encouraged you to check out Houston Roller Derby, in the Procrastinor’s Plan 8.19.10 and before that, almost a year ago in the Regular Scoop. Not everyone is as excited about football as some of the writers here at The Loop Scoop offices. For the rest of us looking for a rough sport, we can either happily turn to college rugby or roller derby this weekend. This Saturday marks the last home Bout of the season for the derby girls at KICKS. Get there at 6:30 in preparation for the Brawlers vs. Big Easy Rollergirls Bout at 7:00. After that, the Bosses will be bouting the Sirens for the championship. Make your choice. With this many options there can be no complaining come Monday.

— Marc


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